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Skinny Teas – Ingredients, How Does it Work? Two Different Teas for Weight Loss

Skinny Teas for Weight Loss

Skinny Teas are usually a blend of caffeine-containing herbal ingredients that claim to provide cleansing or weight loss benefits.

Teas are often promoted as holistic and natural, providing a detoxifying boost to your daily routine.

Although lean teas come in a variety of shapes, colours, and flavours.

Detox and Cleanse With Natural & Organic Skinny Tea- Detox Tea

How does skinny tea work?

  • Lean teas usually contain a mixture of different ingredients that provide little evidence of their potential to reduce weight, increase metabolism, suppress appetite, or cleanse the gut.

Ingredients of Skinny Tea

  • The variety of ingredients found in patented tea blends continues to grow. Here are some common elements you will find:

1. Yerba Mate

  • This ingredient received particular attention in 2015 when a study suggested that supplementing with South American weed could lower body fat levels and blood lipids.

Yerba Mate

2. Senna

  • According to the Mayo Clinic, the over-the-counter herbal laxative is said to make you use the bathroom within 6-12 hours.
  • Also, keep in mind that tea brands tend to deviate from the “L” word and use terms like “purify” or “detoxify” instead.


3. Saffron

  • Some research suggests that the spice derived from brightly coloured flowers can suppress appetite and decrease the tendency to snack.


Everyone must try it.

  • Even though we love tea as much as the next girl, it’s essential to treat lean teas differently from traditional teas.
  • Some herbs in slim teas can interact with medications, cause intestinal problems, or cause long-term health damage.
  • So, it is advisable to use skinny teas under a doctor’s directions and advice.

The Skinny Teas -Why two different teas?

  • This tea stands out in the super-competitive weight loss tea market.
  • Most weight-loss teas are available in a single blend to use throughout the day.
  • Ortte 28 Day Skinny Tea Combo offers two different combinations optimized for the time of day:
  • The morning tea is packed with superfruits, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Its main goal is to give you an energy boost when you need it (all day) while adding various weight-loss benefits from
    increasing metabolism to reducing appetite.
  • The evening tea is without stimulants that allow you to enjoy a good night’s sleep (ever so crucial for healthy weight loss).
  • And it comes packed with a variety of ingredients that will make detoxification their magic overnight.

Morning Tea in detail

Ortte’s Skinny Morning Tea is full of great ingredients that work on your body all day in a variety of ways:

  1. Provides all the necessary vitamins and minerals
  2. Provides a boost of energy thought the day
  3. It stimulates your metabolism so that you can lose more calories
  4. It reduces your appetite so you can keep yourself in check
  5. Detoxifies the body of unwanted toxins
  6. Improve mood and general health

Evening Tea in detail

Just like morning tea, Ortte’s Skinny Tea Evening Tea also contains powerful ingredients. Acting through your evening and night, this tea will:

  1. Detoxify the body thought the night
  2. Providing a variety of health benefits
  3. Help with healthy digestion
  4. Promote better sleep

Side effects of drinking Ortte 28 Day Lean Tea

  • Good news – no side effects at all.
  • This tea is produced using only the best natural ingredients with no known associated side effects.

Please note: This product is not suitable for those who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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