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Fast Weight Loss Diets That Work – The Most Popular Fast Diets on the web

Fast Weight Loss Diets That Work

Fast Weight Loss Diets That Work allow you to lose up to five kilos a week. But the internet offers you many
alternatives that you are not sure what to choose.

If you would like to drop weight rapidly but don’t know where to turn? And if you are looking for fast weight loss diets?

And above all, you’re not sure what will work for you.

In this article, the solution may be where a group of experts has selected the ten fast weight loss diets that work in most cases.

How to adopt Fast Weight Loss Diets?

  • Say goodbye to pasta, bread and pizza, cereals and rice, sweets, and fruit, and eat only green leafy vegetables.
  • Meat, fish, eggs, and low-fat/fat cheeses (depending on whether you are on a ketogenic or protein diet), nuts, and oilseeds-free condiments (also here) rely on the type of Diet chosen).


  • A similar diet should not continue for more than six weeks, and maintenance must include the gradual intake of carbohydrates. Here you find the easy keto diet and Dr. Berg’s Diet.

The Most Popular Fast Diets on the web

1. Low Carb / Keto Diet

  • Low carb diets allow you to lose up to six pounds in two weeks and ten pounds in a month.
  • The ketogenic diet (eating fat instead of carbohydrates, the average amount of protein, and very few carbohydrates) and protein (eating a lot of protein) are the ones that allow you to dispose of excess weight quickly.

Low Carb

2. Intermittent Fast

  • It allows you to lose up to a pound or two per week with various patterns to choose from.
  • You can skip dinner such as Dinner Canceling, perhaps the most effective, or skip breakfast.
  • Fasting is a very ancient practice.
  • Today, numerous studies and scientific researches have demonstrated its therapeutic power in the prevention and treatment of many pathologies, so much so that we talk about fasting therapy.
  • However, fasting is not for everyone, and it is essential to rely on a doctor or nutritionist to determine how long and how to avoid taking risks.
  • Unfortunately, on the internet, it is easy to find “fasting diets” that suggest, for example, fasting one or more days
    a week, drinking only water, without touching food, or not eating in the evening.
  • These “do-it-yourself” fasting guidelines are not only not suitable for everyone, but they are not effective for weight loss and can also represent a risk for those who have diabetes or other diseases.

3. The Volumetric Fast Weight Loss Diet

  • It is a straightforward diet to do, in which you must remember to eat low-calorie but voluminous foods.
  • Perfect for those who find it hard to fill up and for those who want to avoid weighing everything.
  • Large quantities of vegetables are eaten with legumes and whole grains or lean proteins.
  • On the one hand, the volumetric Diet tends to satiate without having to count calories. On the other hand, it makes us absorb fewer calories. It always works.

4. 3-Day Fast Weight Loss Diet

  • Created by the Mayo Clinic, it allows you to eat often and lose weight and is a simple low-carb diet that also reduces swelling.
  • It is based on an attack phase lasting three days (therefore, 72 hours), in which a drastic calorie restriction is implemented.
  • Some food categories must be excluded and then gradually reintroduced in the second phase:
  • carbohydrates (such as pasta, bread, rice, crackers, breadsticks), legumes, sugar, milk, and dairy products (yogurt and cheeses), and eggs.
  • The foods recommended in this initial phase are abundant vegetables (incredibly raw), animal and vegetable proteins (such as meat, fish, seitan, and tofu), and only a tiny amount of fat.
  • Furthermore, the advice is given to drink plenty of water, about two liters a day, together with centrifuged
    vegetables, infusions, and herbal teas, to ensure the detoxifying and draining effect.

5. South Beach Diet

  • Very famous abroad, it makes you lose up to six kilos in two weeks with training to do even at home and dietary phases that do not make you bored.

6. Eco-Atkins

  • It is the most famous example of a ketogenic diet among fast weight loss diets.
  • You eat almost unlimited butter, oil, mayonnaise to dress green leafy vegetables, and protein dishes.
  • You lose weight because the body enters a state of ketosis you lose up to 7 kilos in two weeks.
  • Still, today there is the possibility of making the eco version much healthier and vegetarian and vegan dishes.

7. The Diet Of Cabbage Soup

  • Like the minestrone diet, it has had little luck in Italy, but I’m talking about it here.
  • It is based, in a nutshell, on the digestive and slimming properties of cabbage, which contains a substance capable of burning fat.
  • It is one of the most excellent popular fast weight loss diets in the US.

The Diet Of Cabbage Soup

8. Diet Of The Broth

  • Same thing as the cabbage diet, but instead of soup, you eat a meat broth.
  • A diet designed to deflate quickly and with a rejuvenating and antioxidant effect.

9. 7 Days Dukan

  • Designed to make you lose weight up to 5-10 kilos, it is a different diet from the normal Dukan because it is more varied.
  • To be combined with walks or exercise bikes at home.

10. Vegetarian Scarsdale Diet

  • Low in fat, low in carbohydrates (only fruit, vegetables, and a slice of protein bread a day), and a good dose of protein but vegetables.
  • The Scarsdale diet is one of the most famous high-protein diets, like Atkins, renewed in a more plant-based version. It makes you lose 4 to 7 pounds in two weeks.
  • In addition, you can read more helpful posts at hollyhealthfitness

11. Rice Diet

  • It is good to eat only 250 grams of rice a day for a week, weighed raw, divided into the two main meals, possibly with some vegetables and a teaspoon of oil.
  • Fruit is recommended for breakfast.

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