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Laser Hair Removal at Home – How to choose? Best at-home Laser Hair Removal Devices

Laser Hair Removal at Home

Laser Hair Removal, like pulsed light, is a technique used precisely to epilate the skin.

There is a big difference with hair removal.

Epilation means that the hair will not cut at its base, but it is attached directly to the root in the hair bulb,
progressively weakening.

Its regrowth and causing it to grow back in a more fragile way or not to reappear at all.

The laser is a great way to prevent hair from re-forming, but it must also consider a system based on selective Photothermolysis.

And therefore, it will not be suitable for all skin types.

The most successful results with the laser are obtained by those who have very light skin and very dark hair.

Dark skin, blond hair, or skin with dyschromia and moles are not those who get great results, and for this, they are the same specialists to advise against laser hair removal.

A few years ago, it was likely to do the laser only in beauty centers (with a variable cost depending on the area to be depilated and the number of sessions).

While today there are devices that can purchase to carry out epilation directly at home:

Their cost generally ranges from 200 to 500 euros, depending on their degree of sophistication and performance.

Before using devices of this type, it would be advisable to consult a specialist and avoid their use in case of
epidermal diseases or hypersensitivity.

It is also necessary to use protective goggles and avoid exposing the sun to the sun 24-48 hours following the treatment.

How to choose the best at-home laser hair removal devices?

  • Buying a suitable laser hair removal device goes beyond simply searching for the best reviews. We recommend making sure that a potential device has the following:
  • Advice for hair color and skin tone the device should match yours.
  • Flash capacity refers to the capability of the IPL or wavelength of the laser.
  • So, the higher number, the longer the expected life of the device.
  • Variable intensity levels.
  • An electric cord for more extended use or is battery-powered for ease of use—different accessories for different parts of the body.
  • It can include accessories for the bikini area, armpits, face, and more.

Here are the Best at-home Laser Hair Removal Devices

1. IPL Pulsed Light Epilator, Nivlan IPL Hair Removal

  • Latest IPL Technology: Safe IPL technology developed with dermatologists, pulses of light gently and painlessly interrupt.
  • The hair growth cycle results from permanent hair removal and smooth skin, especially for the treatment of sensitive areas, such as the line of the face or bikini.

2. Tria Hair Removal Laser

  • Tria Hair Removal Laser is one of two Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved laser hair removal devices.
  • The laser claims to have three times the hair elimination energy than other devices.

Tria Hair Removal Laser

3. Remington iLight Ultra Home IPL Hair Removal System for Face and Body

  • The popular area to use a laser device is underarms, and it’s a good choice for it.
  • The FDA-approved device comes with two treatment caps, one for the face and one for the body, which make targeted hair removal easy.
  • It is also gentle sufficient to be used on the cheeks, paws, and upper lip.

4. Silk Infinity At Home Permanent Hair Removal

  • If you have sensitive skin and not sure if at-home laser hair removal is proper for you?
  • Consider this FDA-cleared device, which works fast yet gently to zap hairs at the root.
  • You can choose a less intense set to tailor your treatment with five power settings and make it work for you.
  • There’s even an app to remind you of your next at-home appointment.

5. Braun Silk-Expert 5 IPL

  • Details: If you are looking for slightly faster results in a home hair removal device, consider Braun Silk-Expert 5 IPL.
  • The brand promises complete results in just 4 weeks, which is less than half the time than most other brands.

6. LumaRx Full Body IPL

  • Details: LumaRx Full Body IPL is another laser hair removal device that offers professional-grade results and is FDA-approved.

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