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Ionic Hairdryers – What should you consider when purchasing? The Best Ionic Hair Dryers

Ionic Hair Dryers

When we talk about Ionic Hair Dryers, we talk about devices emitting negative ions.

The negative ions emitted by the hairdryer break up the water molecules absorbed by the hair. In this way, the hair fibers are hydrated and not dried.

The ion hair dryer neutralizes the static electricity present in the hair, responsible for opacity and electrified

The breaking process of the molecules causes the hair to dry much faster, exposing it less to heat and, therefore to the possibility of damage.

And faster drying hair means less wasted electricity (wallet, thanks) and less time wasted in the bathroom in the morning!

Old Hair Dryer

  • Choosing a suitable hairdryer is just as crucial as getting the shampoo-conditioner-treatment combo right because the hairdryer is primarily responsible for the health of your hair.
  • If you have dry, electrified, damaged hair or the styling never succeeds, the hairdryer could be responsible for your trichological vicissitudes.
  • An old hairdryer that blows out too hot air is the first cause of damaged hair.
  • Heat is death! Drying your hair in the morning, with your head upside down and in bulk, the damage is done.
  • But don’t worry, your problems could disappear thanks to the magical power of ions. In reality, it is not magic but science.
  • Long story short, ions are atoms that have lost or gained an electron.

What should you consider when purchasing Ionic Hair Dryers?

If you agree to buy the Ionic hairdryer, please take note of the following points.

By considering the list and our recommendations, you will save the effort of tedious research and save currency.

Nothing is extra annoying than finding out later that a product doesn’t meet your needs, after all:

  1. Manufacturer: The best brands make the finest products.
  2. Reviews: Good reviews not only approve a product but also describe its existing flaws.
  3. Dimensions: The dimensions and measures of the product that it is also fit for me and the use I want to make of it.
  4. Test results: which product is the best in the Ion hairdryer category? Other products of this brand and you satisfied with them?
  5. Price: what is the best quality/price ratio?

To get the most refined product for you, you should use the checklist to compare and rate Ion Hair Dryer products.

If you want to pass your comparison test, we also recommend that you order multiple products simultaneously.

Because only in a straight comparison will you find your best winning product.

The Best Ionic Hair Dryers

1. BaByliss 5337PRE Hair Dryer

  1. Rose Blush 2200W, Lightweight, Anti-Frizz Ionic Function and Titanium Ceramic Technology, with Concentrator
  2. 2200W hair dryer for quick drying
  3. Powerful and controlled airflow
  4. Ionic anti-frizz function and Titanium Ceramic technology for soft and shiny hair
  5. Lightweight for easy handling during use
  6. 3 temperatures and 2 speeds

BaByliss 5337PRE Hair Dryer

2. ghd Air Professional Performance Hair Dryer

  1. The magic in ghd’s ionic dryer is the placement of the generator. Unlike traditional dryers, ghd positioned.
  2. Its generator closer to the nozzle, meaning emitted ions easily reach your hair and lock in moisture.
  3. “This dryer smooths the hair and locks in moisture quickly and beautifully,” says Tardo.
  4. It also comes equipped with a 1600-watt motor and will dry your hair twice as fast as a traditional hairdryer.

3. Rowenta CV5622F0 Power Pro Ionic Hair Dryer with Ion Generator, 2200 *

  1. Convenient attachment ring
  2. Long power cable for greater ease of use
  3. Shot of cold air to set the style
  4. Diffuser to give a natural volume to curly hair
  5. Concentrator for precise drying and an impeccable hairstyle
  6. Lightweight and well balanced for maximum comfort

4. Instyler Blu Turbo Ionic Hair Dryer

  • Rather than a traditional two-speed heat setting, this dryer features dials for customizable heat and airflow in addition to an ionic switch that allows you to swap between sets.
  • It’s also incredibly lightweight, weighing in at less than a pound to prevent arm cramps during styling, which we can get behind.

5. Remington AC5999 Pro-Air AC Professional Hair Dryer

  1. Airflow: 130km / h, 2300W, Black
  2. Powerful 2300W hairdryer
  3. Powerful airflow: 130km / h
  4. Ion generator: 90% more ions for brighter, frizz-free hair
  5. With 2 concentrators and 1 diffuser
  6. Shot of icy air to fix the style
  7. Weight: 816 g

6. Parlux 3800 Eco-Friendly Professional Hair Dryer

  • Main advantage: Economic, ecological, and efficient. Parlux 3800 Eco Friendly is a device worthy of a professional.
  • This model stands out for its high power, efficiency, and lightness. It is also suitable for all hair types.

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