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Why Should Drug Tests Be Conducted in Work Places?

Why Should Drug Tests Be Conducted in Work Places?

Studies conducted by different research institutions indicate that a whopping percentage of 60 percent of all drug users are employed people. Various companies experience multiple problems associated with drug abuse which leads to losses to the tune of multiple billions of US Dollars per year. Some of the workplace problems associated with drug abuse include excessive absenteeism, lower employee productivity, higher employee turnover rates, health-related costs, increased accidents and incidents at work, and crime-related problems. Most people may argue that drug testing policies and procedures are only beneficial to employers, but this is not the case. This article stipulates some of the most crucial benefits that employers and employees accrue from drug testing at the workplace.

Benefits to Employers

Helps Employees with Drug Problems

There is no doubt that drug abuse is on the rise at various workplaces. Nevertheless, frequent and random drug testing points the particular cases of drug abuse at the workplace and helps reduce the drug abuse altogether. This is because employees will be warier of abusing drugs when they know they could face serious consequences when found positive. This is a plus to the employer because it safeguards the company and the employers.

In addition, the employer can get involved in helping their employees who are already in drug-related problems such as addiction. Sensible employers will accord such employees a second chance and assist them in getting over the drug problems by helping them seek treatment or encouraging them to read a blog about fitness. In return, as the employer, you will save money you would have used to replace the employee, help the employee and the community at large.

Improves Productivity

Different tests have proved that drug abuse reduces an employee’s productivity rate because it promotes absenteeism, reduced working morale, increased mistakes at work, poor judgment, missed deadlines, reduced general health, and inconsistent quality of work.

Routine drug testing of employees has remain found out to reduce some of these problems. For example, absenteeism, impaired decisions, and mistakes at work reduced significantly among employees. After companies enroll in these drug testing problems, they contribute to a drug-free working environment. In return, employees become soberer, sharp, and ready to work at their best. This contributes to increased productivity which is an advantage to the employer because it translates to improved profits.

Reduction of Staffing Costs

Different employers and companies undergo multiple staffing costs when their employees are abusing drugs, either at work or home. Remember, some of the most commonly abused drugs include alcohol, marijuana, heroin, cocaine, and opioids. The abuse of these drugs by employees leads to employers undertaking unnecessary costs such as higher turnover rates. Which are costly in terms of both time and finances, increased health and insurance costs. And increased compensation payouts in case of work-related accidents.

Undertaking a drug-testing program reduces these costs significantly. For example, drug testing can reduce employee turnover rates by almost 30 percent, saving the company the expense of recruiting and hiring new employees. Furthermore, health insurance and compensation payouts reduce because drug-abusing employees who are more likely to hike these costs reduce. In return, the company reduces its staffing costs considerably.

Benefits to Employees

Boosts a Safer Working Environment

There is nothing as stressful for employees as operating in a working environment that is unsafe for their emotional and physical wellbeing. Employees who abuse drugs at a workplace pose threats to themselves, their fellow employees, and the business’s customers. They make impaired judgments and decisions, causing unnecessary accidents at work, engaging in risky behaviors and mental health problems. Therefore, they make the workplace not to be a safe working environment.

However, the enrollment of a drug-testing program at the workplace reduces drug use at work substantially. In return, the safety-related issues caused by such employees are cut down, thereby contributing to a safe working environment.

It Leads To A Happier Workplace

Drug-using employees are usually argumentative and engage themselves in intoxicated behaviors. These behaviors pose threats to their fellow employees, making them uncomfortable at work which reduces working morale.

Drug testing identifies such employees and takes action to promote a drug-free working environment. In return, employees will be more comfortable and motivated to work effectively. Drug use is harmful to the employees’ health, the safety of their coworkers, and the wellbeing of the business. However, this article stipulates the advantages of conducting drug tests to reduce this menace. Read a blog about fitness if you are a worker with drug problems.


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