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How to Look Good as You Age

Look Good as You Age

Getting old is tough stuff. But as gritty as it can be, it doesn’t have to make you look worn and weathered. There are ways to maintain a soft and youthful appearance in spite of it all.

Sometimes you just need to adjust your daily habits. Here are some helpful suggestions:

1.      Apply Sunscreen

Most people only apply sunscreen when they spend a summer day at the beach or pool. However, you should really get in the habit of applying sunscreen on a daily basis. The sun’s rays impact your skin regardless of whether you’re sitting poolside in the dog days of summer or going on a walk around the neighborhood in the middle of fall.

As you get older, the structural integrity of your skin – i.e. the collagen – degenerates. Furthermore, exposure to the sun only accelerates this process. And as your collagen weakens, wrinkles, sunspots, sagging, and other unwanted side effects follow closely behind. The right sunscreen will prevent your skin from breaking down prematurely and will allow it to preserve the strength of its structural fiber.

For best results, find a product that doubles as a sunscreen and moisturizer. Apply it each day as part of your morning routine.

2. Practice Good Posture

Nothing makes you look older than poor posture. Slouched shoulders and a hunched back make you look feeble and weak. Thankfully, there are almost always options for straightening out your posture – but it takes work!

In addition to seeing a chiropractor make sure your spine is in proper alignment, we recommend performing regular exercise. Weight and resistance training will help you strengthen the muscles of the back, shoulders, and neck. This makes it easier to support your posture. Yoga can also make you more limber, which encourages good posture.

3. Get 30 Minutes of Blood-Pumping Exercise

You need to elevate your heart rate on a daily basis using cardiovascular exercise routines. This could include cycling, jogging, running on the treadmill, swimming, tennis, or any number of other activities. The goal is to get your heart rate into a safe, elevated range for at least 30 minutes. In addition to strengthening your heart (which delivers vital nutrients to all key organs and systems of the body), this releases endorphins and other powerful hormones into the body. You’ll feel better (and happier), which is half the battle of aging!

4. Use Laser Therapy

Hair loss is one of the telltale signs of aging. Men typically start losing hair in their 30s, while women can also experience significant thinning by their 40s. And typically, it only gets worse from there.

One of the safest and most effective methods of stopping hair loss and encouraging growth is to use cold laser therapy. This can be done safely at home using a laser hair cap. It takes roughly 30 minutes per day and there are no known side effects.

5. Practice Gratitude

Want a simple secret that doesn’t require much effort at all? Practice gratitude.

“We need an optimally functioning invulnerable system to repair skin damage and renew younger-looking skin,” CVS Skin Labs explains. “Research has linked gratitude with optimism, and optimism with a stronger immune system.”

It might sound sort of kooky, but it’s true. Studies have shown that people who practice being optimistic on a daily basis maintain a higher number of blood cells that are designed to protect the immune system (when compared with those who are more pessimistic).

6. Refresh Your Wardrobe 

The final suggestion is to refresh your wardrobe. Stop wearing the same fashion styles that you were wearing 10 or 20 years ago. It’s time to get rid of those old rags and pull out something new and fresh.

Don’t try to dress younger than you are (which can have the inverse effect). Instead, follow what’s in for your age group. This might look like trying a new color palette or adding different accessories.

Generally speaking, you should never keep an item in your wardrobe for longer than five years. Unless it’s something like a pair of jeans or shoes that have a classic appeal, it’s likely that the item has gone out of style. By removing it from your wardrobe, you free up space to add things that work for you, rather than against you.

Age With Grace!

Aging is inevitable. No problem how hard you might try, it’s impossible to slow or stop your biological clock from ticking. However, you can slow down the visible effects of aging by paying attention to key health factors like skincare, haircare, exercise, and diet. Use this article as a launching pad for youthfulness!

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