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How To Rock A Hoodie In 5 Stylish Ways: By Fashion Designers

Rock A Hoodie In 5 Stylish Ways

If you had told Y2K that hoodies would be an epitome of modish fashion in the very next decade, you definitely wouldn’t have gotten a ‘that’s hot’ remark from Paris Hilton.

Y2K marked the year of ‘girly fashion,’ or so they would call it, and hoodies are for ‘tomboys’!

Fight on that with Ariana Grande as the elegant pop culture girl who popularized oversized hoodies with her ‘Sweetener’ tour. Who knew that knee-high boots and oversized hoodies would be the ‘it’ look in the second decade of the 21st century.

It is still one of the top fashion looks the Autumn season has gotten yet!

So, if you are still stuck with the dilemma of whether hoodies could make a statement, hear it from the fashion experts themselves as they decipher how to rock a hoodie in the utmost stylish ways. Whether you are a cottage core girl or a tomboy, or both, hoodies have got you covered.

In this article, we speak to leading fashion stylists and request them to share the top ways to style a hoodie.

List of 5 Stylish Ways to Rock a Hoodie

1. Hoodies That Speak

Graffiti T-shirts are a symbol of a statement. No, I mean literally! But, how will you let your clothes speak when it is chilly outside. Let’s face it; you don’t want to shiver your way to a revolution. So, the solution is simple, you invest in a good graffiti hoodie.

The best part about this outfit is the gender neutrality in it. The versatile nature of this style will allow you to pair it with anything. You can give an exquisite look by tying a belt around it, or your boisterous heart can top it with some distressed jeans and all the while spreading your thought-provoking message to the world.

Slogan hoodies have become a must-have in everyone’s closet in today’s revolutionary world, no matter the beliefs. Whether you are a firm supporter of the ‘Me Too’ movement or religious wearer of the ‘black pride hoodies’ with the uprising of the BLM movement, the options are endless.

2. The Goth Lover

Goth is no more the all-black fashion look for that ‘different’ kid in high school. Now, it has found its respect even in the Paris Fashion Week. So, why not pair your hoodies next time for that all-black danger apparel. You might set the trend for the next bond villain with an aptitude for the grunge appearance.

Things you will need to get this look are a hoodie, preferably dark color [doesn’t always have to be black but don’t go for a vibrant one]. A black pair of grunge or high laced boots, which I am sure every goth lover owns. Some dark accessories to compliment your painted black nails and a black corset to top the whole thing off.

Don’t worry, not the kind that will make you choose between fashion or breathing! The imitation ones have become a craze in the market lately and if you want to look mysterious, pull up the hood to your eye level.

Et Voila!

You are all ready to rock the hoodie with your ‘I listen to My Chemical Romance’ look.

3. Perfect For Fall

As mentioned before, because of our darling Ms.Grande, hoodies have become a staple for the Fall. One of the trendiest looks would be just wearing your oversized hoodie with your knee-high boots. Plus, don’t forget the PSL[Pumpkin Spice Latte], because that’s not just a drink anymore; it’s an accessory!

However, some people live and die for the basic look, and others run away from it. So, if you are one of the later ones, here is a way to rock your hoodie without looking like everyone else in Starbucks.

Fair disclaimer! It’s mildly outlandish. Hence, only a true experimenting fashionista can rock it.

There is no better time for going all black than the witchy season. Top your black hoodie with a leather jacket. Yes! You heard it right! I know it sounds a little wild to layer the two, but if carried with poise you will look like a young Miranda Priestly with your black pants and shoes.

Totally intimidating! Yet, totally ‘Runway’ ready!

4. The Cottagecore Tomboy

Princess gowns; baking a pie; running among the wildflowers bare feet! 

If these paint a sunny picture in your mind, you might be a fan of the cottage core world.

However, throw a hoodie in there, and the picturesque imagery kind of clashes. Not really, though. At least not for our tomboy queens because cottagecore hoodies have become an up-and-coming look at the end of the last decade for every fashion kind.

Just scroll through the thousands of Cottagecore accounts in Tumbler.

Your light-colored hoodies are the base of this look. Pair them with your favorite knitted skirt [or any other kind]. Tuck the hoodie a little and let the flair shine, or even best, invest in a cropped hoodie.

Earth witch meets eastern preppy!

5. Chic Vs. Hoodie

All the looks discussed above have a very laid-back theme, and I could hear my diva fashionista’s complaining.

No, looking sexy chic is not all about wearing tight-fitted clothes, so ladies, your complaints have been heard.

Balance is the key if you want to accentuate your pasture and yet want to rock your hoodie with the coziness and comfort it comes with.

While styling your loose-fitted hoodie, make sure to keep the bottom half tight. Either pair them with your skinny jeans or jeggings of any kind and don’t forget your heels to give yourself that extra elevation. You can even tuck the front part of your hoodie and leave the backside.

That ‘I got ready in fifteen minutes and yet I look good’ outfit.

Comfortable Fashion

There was a time when you could only look comfortable with your gym wear, and they didn’t flatter your body. Looking fashionable was always a hassle between choosing comfort or boosting compliments.

Well, not anymore because I am sure with these five ways elaborated to rock your hoodies, comfort will not leave your side, and neither will be the praising stare. By using the fashion advice of our experts, you will be able to rock the humble hoodie, every time you step out of your house.

If you have any other questions or would like to make any comments on the points in the article, let us know in the comments.

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