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Diwan Set – Variety of Diwan Sets, Different types of wood used

Diwan Set

Diwan set is one of those home decor sets that brings a royal feel with a sofa and bed combo that makes your living room classy.

However, the correct selection of a perfect diwan set is a must as it transforms your home into a sweet home.

Wooden Diwan Set

  • Wooden diwan can make your room look photo-worthy with almost no effort!
  • This beautiful piece of furniture comes in multiple designs, all available on your favourite online shopping app.
  • Are you already excited to buy a wooden diwan? You can choose from several brands, including Aarsun, Induscraft, Balaji, Timber Trail, and Urban Ladder.
  • However, the price of this furniture will surely fit your budget.

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Here are the variety of Diwan Sets

1. Diwan teak wood Diwan Set

  • Home Gallery offers a modern design with foam seats that provide heavenly comfort, a solid top, and a solid teak wood frame that offers timeless durability.
  • Elegantly crafted by craftsmen using traditional Kerala teak wood shapes, the diwan crib is a cosy piece of furniture for everyday use.
  • However,  the tall, characteristic cushions with pads accommodate your guests comfortably.

Diwan teak wood Diwan Set

2. Solid Wood Diwan Set

  • Solid Wood diwan looks fantastic with natural wood polishing and upholstery.
  • The unit is handcrafted in Saharanpur by skilled craftsmen who can also be customized according to size or design needs.
  • Moreover, the Deewan/diwan comes pre-assembled and requires no assembly.

3. Handicrafts Teak Wood Hand Carved Couch

  • Made from Teak Wood, Hand-carved Beautiful designed, premium embossed finishing, Handmade by skilled craftsmen who give a royal look to your decoration.

4. (King Size) Bacon Divan Cum Bed

  • General description: The Bacon King Size Sofa Bed is a contemporary design piece of furniture. It is an elegant piece of furniture with an adjacent backrest and armrests.
  • Shown below are the shiny legs that are adjacent on three sides. There are huge openings in front of the sofa bed legs.
  • However, it involves a convenient twist option to transform the look of the furniture.
  • This sofa bed is made of Sheesham wood and is upholstered on top. Coordinated with it are the wood finishes, including honey, teak, and walnut finish on Sheesham wood.

5. Peacock Design Teak Wood Swing Cum Diwan

Product: Peacock design teak wood swing cum diwan for living room

Style: Traditional Indian

Intention: Comfortable three-seater diwan set spacious to accommodate three people.

Peacock Design Teak Wood Swing Cum Diwan
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Different types of wood are used for making Diwan set

  • Furniture is one of the inevitable elements of a home. Whether modern or traditional, it is the furniture that enhances the unique flavour of your home.
  • However, the different types of wood in India are legendary for the quality they add to the furniture.
  • Although the styles and structure of the furniture have been transformed over time, wood or wood is still a favourite among all building materials.
  • Moreover, the strength and the high artistic value of handmade wooden furniture are recognized all over the world.
  • Basically, Wooden furniture has always been a determining element in the ever-changing trends in interior design for the home.

Here are the different types of wood used to make furniture and decorative items. With the different kinds of wood and their Scientific Names

          Wood                           Scientific Name

  1. Teak                             Tectona Grandis
  2. Rose Wood                  Dalbergia Latifolia
  3. Sal Wood                     Shorea Robusta
  4. Mulberry Wood           Morus Alba
  5. Deodar                         Cedrus deodara

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