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White Ink Tattoo – Benefits, Disadvantages, The most popular White Ink Tattoos

White Ink Tattoo

The White Ink Tattoo is a growing trend, especially among the so-called VIPs, as it is visible much more to the touch than to the eye.

It can be considered a good middle ground between a traditional tattoo and scarification.

The standard technique with an electric machine is used.

Still, white ink is different from the other inks, has a perfect body, and must be passed several times to make it visible because it is absorbed differently by the epidermis.

Benefits of White Ink Tattoo

  • Tattoos are often a deeply personal expression, so much so that they are usually not made in easily visible parts.
  • White ink tattoos have the particularity of being very thin and delicate, coming to resemble an “intricate” scar.
  • So they are particularly suitable for those who do not want to have a particularly eye-catching one.
  • In addition to being inconspicuous, the main advantage of a white tattoo is that it is, of course, the easiest to cover should you get bored?

Dis-Advantages of White Ink Tattoo

  • The biggest problem is that it is difficult to guarantee the result, and often, many artists do not perform them for this reason.
  • Secondly, there is the problem of volatility; in fact, white is the color that tends to fade more quickly, so you often find yourself having to go over it again.
  • The type of skin is also a determining factor. Depending on the unique pigmentation, it can give very different results.
  • The problem is that you cannot have a precise forecast of the work obtained.
  • Furthermore, during exposure to the sun, color changes may occur, and the white tends to become yellow, so you need to take great care of the tattooed area.

White Ink Tattoo is very easily damaged

  • The skin is an extraordinary thing, but as is well known, every skin reacts and absorbs tattoo inks differently.
  • White ink, precisely because it is a light color, tends more than other colors to vary over time, especially if you are a fan of tanning or skin that tends to produce melatonin.
  • People with very light skin, who struggle to tan, are potentially the most suitable for having a white tattoo. In
    general, white tattoos should protect very well from the sunlight.

The most popular white ink tattoos you can get right now

1. White ink word tattoos

  • It is one of the most beloved white ink drawings among young people.
  • It is impossible to see the tattoo; that’s why it’s best to embed the message you want to convey as text.
  • This type of tattoo often shows its owner’s first and last name or the name of a person who is essential to the owner.
  • It can also be one of his favorite quotes or his life motto. Word tattoos can contain any words or initials.

White ink word tattoos

2. Tattoos of Zodiac signs in white ink

  • Most, if not all, people believe in their zodiac sign.
  • Believing that the heavenly bodies affect your future life is a practice that dates back to the times of the Greeks and Romans.
  • It is why, and although nothing is proven, people have a habit of consulting their horoscope when making crucial decisions.
  • Wearing your zodiac sign tattooed on your body will remind you of your beliefs and personal culture.

3. White Ink Flower Tattoos

  • It is the most common tattoo among women. Flowers have a beautiful side that makes them attractive no matter what form they take.
  • Tattoo artists worldwide certainly have at least one flower design available due to their popularity.
  • This type of tattoo can range from a simple rose to a thorny bush representing different flowers to convey what the tattooed person desires.

White Ink Flower Tattoos

4. Star tattoos in white ink

  • A star design never gets old. In the old days, many people believed that the stars in the sky played an essential role in their lives.
  • This belief has been around for many generations and has survived to the present day.
  • Many people get star tattoos to remember this belief, while others get tattoos just because the star designs are especially artistically awesome.

5. Moving White Ink Tattoo

    • When you choose a tattoo design that relies heavily on the concept of movement, white ink will help it feel more lightweight and as though it may be moving.
    • This jellyfish feels as though it’s floating on the arm, and the white ink makes it feel as though it may swim away.

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