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10 Simple Things You Can Do to Cure Fatigue

Cure Fatigue

Fatigue – a common problem faced by stressed individuals. You hear so many people say it each day – a litany of how tired they feel all the time. What’s behind fatigue? What can you do at home to cure this malaise? Read on to know more.


One feels fatigued when the serotonin and endorphin hormones go down. Exercise such as HIIT workout is the best way to boost these hormones and beat fatigue. If you’re not motivated to do any heavy exercise, try walking as much as you can. It’ll help.

Eat Plenty of Veggies and Fruit

Fruit and veggies have plenty of fiber in them, which help wonderfully in the digestive process. Many people also come to probiotics. They are special plant fibers that you can get from supplements or foods such as yogurts and fermented vegetables. They are a staple of many people’s diets because as written in Healthcanal’s article, they have been shown to reduce digestive symptoms by helping the good bacteria in the gut flourish while simultaneously crowding out harmful bacteria.

Drink Plenty of Water

When your body is dehydrated, your muscle tissues dry out. Water is what makes your body work. Drink more water than you think your body needs and you’ll feel much less tired.

Avoid Coffee

Coffee can drain your body of energy after sometime. It can also increase your acidity levels and hamper your digestive process. Limit your coffee drinking to no more than a cup or two a day and you’ll feel much less tired.

Reduce Weight

If you’re overweight, your body is probably working twice as hard just to help you manage basic tasks. Reduce weight and you’ll immediately see a difference in your energy levels.

Take Iron-Rich Foods

Anemia can cause persistent tiredness, as can some mineral and vitamin deficiencies. Get your blood tested for deficiencies. In the meanwhile, eat plenty of iron and vitamin-rich foods to rectify the situation.

Check Stress Levels

Are you stressed out over a recent divorce, a pregnancy, or a job change? Take a deep look into what could be behind your stress and work towards rectifying the root cause.

Watch Comedy Movies

Sometimes our moods affect how our body feels. Go ahead and watch something funny and laugh over it. You’ll feel less tired.

Eat Less

If you seem to be eating way more than you should be, reduce your intake immediately. When the body is forced to process large amounts of food, it diverts your energies to this task, leaving you feeling tired.

Avoid Drinking

Alcohol turns your system sluggish and slow, dulling your senses and ability to manage tasks. Avoid drinking more than a small peg a day and observe the results.

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