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Why Are Breitling Watches Worth Investing In?

Breitling Watches Worth

Time is a scarce resource that once it’s gone, you can never bring it back again. Hence, you must monitor it closely and maximize its use. For you to do this efficiently, you have to buy yourself a wristwatch. There are vast options available in the market, but not all of them can guarantee high accuracy and reliability.

You may argue that devices can already help you keep track of time, such as wall clocks, mobile phones, laptops, and computers. However, there are instances that you forget to bring them. With a wristwatch, you can easily carry them no anywhere and anytime. If you want a timekeeping tool with robust construction and impressive quality, then consider buying from a luxury watch company named Breitling. If you are not yet aware of the brand, you may read the list below of why its watches are worth investing in.

Eye-catching designs

The use of different attires can easily communicate your style. If you are a watch collector or enthusiast, you probably use timepieces to reflect your personality, lifestyle, and social status. For this reason, you would always choose timekeeping tools with eye-catching designs, and the Breitling watch can give you just that.

Breitling takes pride in its watches that are not just beautiful but also highly functional. Wearing one on your wrist can surely boost your confidence during business meetings and presentations of how it looks nice and luxurious. It spends a massive amount of time and money to manufacture each piece. It combined the traditional process with modern technologies to ensure that the end product will be unique and pleasing to the eyes.

Appreciate in value

A lot of people invest in cars not knowing that it does not have any return on investment. Once you get it from the seller, its value depreciates instantly. If you wish to sell it sometime in the future, you can’t demand a higher amount than the original retail price. It is not a good investment to make, so you might want to consider buying a Breitling watch instead.

It is not an ordinary watch brand because it offers the best and the most popular pieces. As a result, their value can be the same or even appreciated in the long run. They contain precious metals and stones like gold, diamonds, and titanium which are highly desirable for watch collectors and enthusiasts. You can surely find people in the secondary market who are willing to purchase it from you for a premium price even after using it for several years already.

Outstanding quality

The brand does not only focus on making its timepieces aesthetically pleasing. It also prioritizes quality to prevent you from facing inconveniences and problems in the future.

It is very attentive to details to ensure that the watch can precisely tell the time. It would take a lot of time and money to construct timepieces. Rest assured that whatever model you will choose can withstand extreme conditions. They can’t easily malfunction because they have resistance to dust, water, and shock. You can’t find these features in the watches offered by other companies. Having a Breitling watch means enjoying all that it can offer for a lifetime.

Best Breitling watches to buy in 2021

1.  Breitling Aviator AB01194A1B1X2

The Breitling Aviator AB01194A1B1X2 has all the necessary features that you are looking for in a watch. It looks great because of the black dial with white and red accents. The color combination leads to a more elegant and luxurious timepiece. It is paired with a comfortable calfskin leather band with a metal clasp allowing you to wear and remove it within seconds. Since the stainless steel case has a round back, the Caliber 01 with 47 jewels is visible to the naked eyes.

2.  Breitling Premier AB0118371B1P1

This watch has two sub-dials containing the minute and seconds hands respectively. It has a simple black dial enclosed in a 42mm stainless steel case. The case shape is round and the back is transparent allowing you to see the Caliber B01 which was made entirely in-house. The presence of the crocodile leather completes the look of this watch.

3.  Breitling Superocean V1736916C1S1

If you want a more bulky timepiece, then this Superocean V1736916C1S1 is for you. Blue dominates the face of the watch but the brand decided to add white accents to make it less intimidating. The titanium round case measures 48mm. Since it does not have a transparent back, you can’t see the caliber 17. It is the reason why this watch can continuously tell the time for up to 28 hours after once complete winding.

In a Nutshell

A Breitling watch is more than just a timekeeping tool because it can serve as a status symbol. Additionally, it can serve as a piece of jewellery or heirloom because of its ability to last for years to come. It is impossible to have a conversation with someone about luxury watches without mentioning this brand. If you want to boost your confidence, get a Breitling watch now at TheWatchCompany.

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