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5 Ways that Technology Can Benefit Your Health in 2022

Technology Can Benefit Your Health

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, digital technologies were already beginning to permeate the field of healthcare. However, the pandemic served as a major catalyst in the development and adoption of digital health technologies at speed and scale. During this time, the need to facilitate healthcare services during social distancing forced healthcare providers and patients alike to embrace these technologies.

Now that the stresses of the pandemic have lessened, it may seem like the use of these digital technologies will lessen as well. However, virtual care is likely to continue to be an important tool for healthcare providers and patients in the future. Below are some of the ways technology can be beneficial for your health in 2022.

1. You can attend online doctor appointments.

One of the most important ways in which technology can be used to benefit your health in 2022 is through the use of virtual doctor visits. Many people end up avoiding visits to the doctor because of the risks and/or inconvenience that come with in-person appointments. However, online doctor appointments can be used to avoid all of these issues.

With an online doctor appointment, you can speak with a healthcare provider via video chat about current issues you may be having, prescription refills, follow-ups to previous appointments, and the status of any chronic conditions. You won’t have to travel to an in-person appointment, worry about catching anything contagious from other patients, or rearrange your schedule to accommodate the appointment.

2. You can benefit from remote monitoring.

Remote monitoring technologies allow your healthcare providers to collect valuable information about your health while you are going about your daily life. Remote monitoring devices can supply a constant stream of information about your health to your healthcare provider. For example, the device may send information about your heart function, blood pressure, blood sugar, or other vital information. These devices can be very helpful if your provider is trying to learn more about symptoms you have been having in order to diagnose a condition. They can also be helpful if your provider is trying to evaluate the status of conditions that have already been diagnosed and/or determine whether your current treatment protocol is working appropriately.

In addition to providing healthcare providers with information, remote patient monitoring can also provide the patient with useful information. If you are a patient using remote monitoring technology, you are more likely to feel engaged and more in control of your own healthcare. This can make it easier for you to make wise decisions on a daily basis, thus improving your overall medical condition.

3. You can use healthcare-related applications to set and accomplish important goals.

Plenty of healthcare apps are now available to help you accomplish almost any goal, from improving your diet to meeting specific activity requirements. Most of these applications can be downloaded onto your smartphone, where you can use them on a daily basis to help you work toward your goals and improve your health.

For example, if you download an application designed to help you improve your diet and maintain a healthy weight, you may log into the application each day to input information about the food you eat, the exercises you do during the day, and your current weight. The application may keep track of your calorie intake, your nutritional status, and the changes in your weight. The application may also make recommendations to help you make improvements in the way you eat or exercise.

4. You may benefit from a procedure that utilizes advanced surgical technology.

Many surgeons are now making use of robots and other automated technologies to improve the accuracy of surgical procedures. If you need to have surgery at some point during 2022, you may benefit from these technologies. Potential advantages of these technologies include better surgical precision, a lower chance of bleeding or other complications, and less exposure to harmful pathogens.

Not all surgeries will involve the use of robotics or advanced technologies. However, as time goes on, it is likely that the use of these technologies will become more common.

5. You can access important healthcare information online.

Many healthcare providers now allow you to access your healthcare records online, which can be beneficial in a variety of ways. The majority of healthcare providers use electronic health records, and much of this information is available to patients. For example, you may be able to see information about your previous visits to the doctor, your test results, your vaccination record, and more. This can be an invaluable service, as it allows you to review your healthcare information on your own time so you can have a better understanding of your current health status and future needs. You can also access this information to provide proof of test results or vaccinations as needed.

These are just a few of the ways in which advanced technologies can benefit your health in 2022. If you are interested in learning more about using technology as a healthcare tool, you can begin by talking to your provider about the options available and/or researching these technologies online.

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