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Boat Neckline – How to modify the pattern of the blouse to make it with a boat neck?

What is a Boat Neckline?

The Boat Neckline is less rounded, somewhat elongated towards the junction of the clavicle with the shoulder.

It has variants from the most discreet and elegant known as the buttonhole neck to the most daring, leaving the entire shoulders and a good part of the neckline free.

Nautical-inspired, wide neckline forms a straight line from the joint of one shoulder to that of the opposite shoulder, passing just below or above the collarbone.

It is ideal for drawing the eye to your shoulders. Graceful neckline balances silhouettes with wide hips and slender shoulders.

The boat neck is also ideal for silhouettes with a thin or short neck and women with a bit of belly or a wide bust because it looks away towards the collar.

Choosing the right neckline

  • Choosing the right neckline to suit your figure and face shape is essential.
  • Indeed, correctly chosen, the neckline will draw attention to your face as well as highlight or hide certain parts of your anatomy.
  • The neckline is one of the best tools to have an impeccable style.
  • It is why evaluating the different existing necklines and choosing the one (s) adapted to your figure is of paramount importance if you want to have a unique look.
  • When you choose a dress, a top or a simple T-shirt, it is often the neckline that highlights your figure or, on the contrary, highlights your minor flaws.

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Effects of choosing the right Neckline

  • Choose the right neckline, and you’ll look taller, slimmer, more elegant.
  • To find the perfect neckline, you need to consider your bust size, neck length, waistline, and face shape.
  • Blindly following fashion and trends when choosing a dress is a mistake that many women make.
  • Ignoring some basic neckline rules can indeed spoil the effect of the dress you want to buy.
  • Above all, when you want to be sure that you choose the proper neckline cut, you must consider the shape of your figure.
  • Do not hesitate to browse our guide to know your morphology and the tips to have an impeccable look by putting your strengths forward.
  • To be sure to buy a garment with a suitable neckline, you must take into account details.
  • The size of your chest, the shape of your face and your jaw, the presence or not of a double chin etc., must be considered.

Boat necklines are ideal for the following body types

  1. Hourglass morphology,
  2. Pyramid morphology
  3. Rectangle morphology

Generally speaking, if your bust is small and your shoulders are narrow, this is the cleavage that is right for you.

Avoid this neckline if:

  1. You are small. The boat neck can make you look smaller and chunkier.
  2. You have broad or square shoulders.

How to wear the boat neckline?

  • Generate interest by wearing your boat neck tops and dresses with long layered necklaces or an original pendant.

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How to modify the pattern of the blouse to make it with a boat neck?

  • The art of modifying our patterns is essential to vary the garments of a wardrobe and make it richer through the seasons.
  • Furthermore, having already experimented with making a model makes it easier for us to repeat the same steps and drastically reduce our tailored garments’ production times.
  • In the change from winter to summer, we can allow ourselves to discover some parts of our body, enhancing them through a series of variations on necklines, slits and lengths.
  • Especially in the case of necklines, we can easily switch from a crew neck or a? V?
  • Neckline to a gentle boat neck highlights the line of the neck and shoulders and immediately refers to a maritime imaginary, made of soft colours and striped patterns.
  • Why not try, then, to make a beautiful summer blouse by simply modifying the pattern of a classic shirt with a pointed collar? Let’s see together how it is possible in a few steps.

Boat Neckline, Buttonhole or tray, also called Dropped Shoulder Neckline.

  • This type of neckline sometimes forms a straight line and, on others, a semi-curved line that goes from shoulder to shoulder.
  • It forms the clavicle line, brushing the neck in the front, leaving the shoulders uncovered.
  • Other times it becomes the low cut showing the part of the chest.
  • It is the neckline that harmonizes and balances the figure. Very elegant, simple and usually quite discreet when it covers the chest or bust.
  • It is also used in the garments with the shoulders and part of the arms bare in the peasant’s models.
  • This type of neckline is called dropped shoulder neckline.

Boat Neckline, Buttonhole or tray, also called Dropped Shoulder Neckline.

Types of faces that can wear Boat Neckline

  • Round and square faces are not suitable for this type of necklines, especially when their figure is very robust with an extensive back.
  • Short collars look good with a boat neckline, tray and basin.
  • Long necks look beautiful, and chunky necks don’t look good with this neckline.
  • Narrow shoulders look great because it gives the feeling of spaciousness.

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