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How to Get the Most Out Of Your CrossFit Workout of the Day

CrossFit is a high-intensity fitness program that incorporates various sports and exercises. Therefore a CrossFit workout of the day (WOD) refers to a high-intensity approach that combines multiple activities that will challenge your form of fitness.

WOD is a central workout prescribed by CrossFit gym coaches on any day of the week. Usually, it involves a sequence of exercises you are supposed to complete back to back with little rest. These workouts could be overhead pressing, rowing, deadlifting, squatting, and many more. But all the exercises are scaled up and down depending on your fitness level.

However, there are a few guidelines to follow to get the best CrossFit workout of the day; what you should do before, what you should do after, or even what you should do while doing your exercises.

Tips To Get the Most Out Of CrossFit Workout Of the Day

Choose the Right Outfit

Your attire matters a lot in your sporting or fitness exercise, and it’s the first thing your coach will notice before you begin your workout. For instance, gymnastic movements and weightlifting require stable shoes, one with a slightly raised and stiff sole. Activities requiring you to swing, hang or be upside down will need you to wear fitting tops and bottoms, however not baggy, as they may get caught by equipment while exercising.

Take Plenty of Water and Eat Well

Staying hydrated during your CrossFit workout of the day is very important since you lose much of it through sweating. And therefore, it’s advisable to take adequate water before and after the excise. Also, you should not get hungry while in your fitness practices; take some food like snacks sometimes before the exercise, it will give you the energy to do the activity.

Do a Proper Warm Up

Warm-up exercises such as dynamic stretches or cardiovascular exercises help to prepare your muscles for the workout. Warm-ups prepare the muscles for intense activities and reduce the chances of injuries. Remember to find a good coach, set goals, stay motivated and have fun in your exercises.

Go At Your Own Pace

Depending on your fitness level, you can choose from various scaled exercises. Angry Chicken Fitness will take you through the best fineness practices and how to get the best out of a CrossFit workout of the day. Start with less intense workouts if you are a beginner or have just taken a break. Starting with extreme practices can sometimes cause injury.

Cool Down and Do Some Stretching After the Workout

Cooling down and stretching after completing your CrossFit workouts is essential as it enables the muscles to recover and prevents injuries. Static stretches and light cardio can facilitate a cool-down.


To get the best CrossFit workout of the day, you must choose the right outfit, do a proper warm-up, and take plenty of water before and after the exercise. It’s also essential to go at your own pace, depending on your fitness level, cool down, and do some stretches to facilitate recovery of your muscles and prevent injuries.

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