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Waistcoat – Advantages of wearing a waistcoat, how to wear? Best brands


The waistcoat is an essential garment for anyone who loves classic elegance, a fundamental element for the three-piece suit for men.

The waistcoat has gained a leading role in the male wardrobe, an indispensable protagonist in ceremonies and a precious ally.

In business or informal contexts.

Here is everything you need to know about the waistcoat: its history, its characteristics, how to choose it, combine it and wear it.

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Advantages of wearing a waistcoat

  • Wearing a waistcoat will help you create a more formal look with your suit.
  • From business meetings and job interviews to weddings, graduations and more, countless occasions call for formal attire.
  • If you think to attend a formal event, you will need to wear a formal suit. Among other things, this means that you will need to avoid wearing it and instead wear a waistcoat.
  • You can also combat the cold with a waistcoat.
  • Whether it is made of cotton, linen, wool, or any other common material, it will create an additional transition between your body and your surroundings.
  • As a result, you will stay a little warmer while wearing it.
  • Finally, they are easy to put on and take off.
  • If you get tired of wearing the waistcoat in the middle of the day, you can take it off. Just undo the buttons, at which point you can remove them.
  • For this reason, you can wear a waistcoat at any time of the year.

Double-breasted waistcoat

  • The double-breasted is the more formal solution.
  • The main configuration is that with six buttons, it is possible to observe versions with 4 or 8 buttons.
  • It is the most suitable waistcoat for ceremonies or events in which you have to show off greater rigour.
  • Double-breasted gilets usually have lapels, a shawl or more rarely spear or notched, for a more sophisticated and demanding style.
  • They should always be worn fully buttoned, with elegant clothes, over the shirt and under the jacket.
  • You should never wear them without a coat unless you want to openly challenge the canon of classic elegance.

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How to wear a waistcoat with Shalwar Kameez?

  • When it comes to shalwar kameez, India and Pakistan are the best places for people to search for the latest patterns, trends, and colours.
  • The shirts are adorned with beautiful embroidery that men often wear on special occasions and holidays.
  • The waistcoats can also be made with different fabrics and well stitched depending on the fit.
  • Recently, Junaid Jamshed also launched a line from his collection, and in his group, the designer has brought together all current and fashionable cuts.
  • Indian elegance waistcoats with shalwar kameez fashion are also very prevalent, and many designers like Sabyasachi create the most magnificent and regal looks with waistcoats.

waistcoat with Shalwar Kameez

How to style velvet waistcoats?

  • Men wear velvet waistcoats to give their suits a striking look.
  • This versatile and popular piece creates a casual and elegant look that can also be worn as a formal dress. Velvet goes well, with anything from jeans to fancy scarves.
  • Wear just the waistcoat as the outfit’s main outfit, or add some texture with some cashmere prints.
  • The velvet waistcoat is best in a dark blue or blue or black or satin shade.
  • Regardless of the waistcoat you use, you can adapt it to your needs.
  • Choose it with an exceptional style. Although a classic velvet waistcoat is cute, you can get a surprising factor with a special waistcoat with unique features.
  • Well-defined shoulders, exaggerated lapels, a modern cloth or a round hourglass waist.

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Best brands to buy a waistcoat

  • These are some of our favourite sitting room to buy waistcoat in India.
  • Most of these brands also ship internationally if you are in another country:

1. Pency

  • Pency has been on the market since 1982. With an extensive collection of dresses and especially waistcoats, it has made a name for itself.

2. Hypernation

  • If you are looking for unique cuts and trends in waistcoats, this Indian brand will never disappoint you. You can find the products on Myntra and Flipkart.

3. Edenrobe

  • They offer the latest designs and fashions. The material used is of decent quality, and the products are very reasonably priced.

4. Jompers

  • Jompers the best brand for inexpensive Nehru waistcoat and jackets, especially in paisley and floral print.

5. Junaid Jamshed

  • As we know, Junaid Jamshed established by a famous singer and later religious preacher.
  • They have their outlets in almost every city in Pakistan. A great choice to get a waistcoat, and they also have a good combination with Shalwar Kameez.

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