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Short sides, long top hairstyles – Best haircuts for men with short and long sides

Short sides, long top hairstyles

Short sides with long top hairstyles for men are the latest fashion in hairdressers worldwide.

These modern haircuts are part of this new trend because the buzzed sides are fresh, clean, and mint to keep. And with many types of fades like this one (medium, low, high, bald, tapered) to reach the sides and back, guys can customize their cuts however they want.

The challenge lies in how to style long hair on top.

Loose, natural, textured, shiny, or messy, a longer hairstyle means you need the right hair products. a matte pomade or hair wax can be perfect for a textured tuft or mixed comb. Light to moderate hold pomade or wax will allow you to control and style your hair as you wish, providing plenty of natural volume and texture.

Otherwise, guys should use a solid, glossy pomade to style a lacquered undercut or a classic pompadour fade. These products work most okay on short to medium hair that needs to be structured and groomed.

However, we highly recommend a light clay or cream for men with shoulder-length hair. These styling products offer maximum volume, movement, and fluidity for a beautiful finish. Whatever your sense of style, there is an exciting cut for you.

Best haircuts for men with short and long sides to show off your barber

1. Best Flat Top Fade Hairstyles

  • The flattop fade haircuts always live up to its hype. The haircut styled to stay upright to form a flat bridge can level to angled down or up.
  • The Flat Top and fade might have angled sides, rounded edges, or even straight sides. It is always a classic but an ageless style that guarantees a good feeling look.

2. Flat Top angled front

  • The angled front flat Top with zero fade offers a precise overhead angle and a cut fade to highlight the difference.
  • This flat top fade hairstyle blends into two types of haircuts to deliver a perfect result.

3. Asymmetrical Top

  • The asymmetrical Top offers an artistic and funky look.
  • It takes a modern approach to deliver a flat top fade hairstyle. You can go for an excellent asymmetrical cut that leaves you with a spectacular look.

Asymmetrical Top

4. Black Faded Flat Top

  • The black faded flat Top is, without a doubt, a distinct hairstyle that suits every man out there.
  • Please take advantage of the use of our natural structured hair. It is also much easier to maintain and reuse for a more extended period.

5. Bald Fade

  • The clean flat Top with fade has a long center patch with clean sides that feels edgy in every sense of it.
  • It is a unique style with bald fade and beards that also allows for the addition of different hair designs.

Bald Fade

6. Side part

  • The part offers a better flattop hairstyle to stand out with different customizations for the flat top part fade with the part hairstyle., Adding a side part to this flat haircut leads to social results.

7. Long top, sides, and back shaved

  • Men’s haircuts with sides shaved and long hair on top can be a rough and masculine idea for some guys.
  • You may need a non-fading razor or hair clipper to shave your hips and back.
  • Either way, shaving your hair to the sides can work for both short and long hairstyles, including pompadour, faux hawk, and slicked back.

8. Long front, short back, and side hairstyle

  • Whether you want to style bangs or style your hair, some men prefer long hair in the front and short in the back and sides.
  • Curly hair fade is a fantastic example of faded short sides, a short back, and a long front that leaves curls tousled and messy. However, the hairstyle works for all hair types.

9. Undercut with fade

  • Arguably the highest maintenance aspect on the list, the undercut requires much longer hair on top, with hair cut (in some cases, faded) on the sides.
  • Your natural bone structure best determines y short height at the sides. “Some clients may have bony bumps on the sides and back of the head,” says Wildrick.
  • “Usually, we don’t expose them, so this is where your hairstylist would decide where to fade to compensate for these irregularities that we all have as humans.

10. Spiked Top

  • It is an excellent example of how one can wear the long on top/short on the sides type cut for versatility. In this shot, Liam Hemsworth’s hair is styled in a loose, spiky style on Top.
  • The hair can also comb neatly with a bit of pomade—try American Crew Pomade for a more formal effect.

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