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What Factors Are Associated With Paternity Testing Costs?

Paternity Testing Costs

As a result of an increasing number of marital conflicts, DNA paternity testing has become a popular way of determining the actual father of a child.

DNA testing can also study your family lineage, show whether twins are identical or fraternal, and most importantly, show relationships among individuals.

Paternity testing centers have significantly increased, which has forced many centers to lower their prices due to competition. However, it is vital to check the credibility of a testing center to avoid variations and errors. Other than the competition, there are several other factors you can learn more about paternity test costs. Below is a list of some considerations made.

The Number of Individuals Participating In Testing

As the number of people increases in the testing samples, more testing resources are required. Also, a lot of time is spent in the laboratory while studying the specimens of each person. Also, as more alleged individuals or family members join the queue, the paternity test cost rises even higher.

The Type of Testing Done

The more basic testing costs less than, the more complicated ones. As complexity increases, so does the cost. Tests involving analysis of more than twenty genetic loci are a bit expensive to carry out. Simple tests such as gender and paternity tests have fewer genetic loci to be studied, therefore less costly. You can learn more about paternity tests costs about the factors that go into paternity testing costs.

Testing such as sibling testing or forensic tests requires deep analysis and translates to high cost since the number of genetic loci analyzed is more than gender tests or other simple tests.

Accessibility of Testing Centers

Some regions do not have many paternity testing laboratories, so one may be required to travel long distances to get immediate results. The traveling expense raises the overall cost of the paternity test.

The paternity test cost also lowers with the increasing number of people seeking the service because the testing centers enjoy economies of scale. The benefits also arise when procuring testing kits in bulk.

The urgency of the Paternity Test Results

For some reasons, such as legal requirements, the turnaround time for the testing results may require it to come out more quickly than expected. As a result of more effort put in by the testing team to speed up the process, the paternity test cost can double or triple.

Legal Issues Pertaining Paternity Test Cost

Sometimes the government may deliberately restrict the number of paternity-related cases by issuing a policy for testing centers to raise the cost. That means that fewer people will be willing to undertake the test. Therefore paternity matters are solved by other means such as family talks.

The Standards of Testing Kits and Tools Used

Some testing laboratories do not use the industrial standards testing tools and their prices are relatively low. However, there is a high risk of obtaining varied results. Others use the devices with the correct industrial standards and specifications, guaranteeing efficiency and accuracy.


When choosing the paternity testing center to use, it is good to consider factors such as the quality of testing offered, the urgency of the results, the legal issues underlying the test, and the type of testing you wish to carry on.

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