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Have You Tried Cold Therapy For Pain? Learn More About This Popular Method.

Cold therapy for pain is a therapy in which the subject’s painful area is exposed to cold. A popular method of cold therapy is ice packs, but other methods include cold baths and exposure to cold water.

Cold therapy can treat both acute and chronic pain. Injury-related trauma usually causes acute pain. Cold therapy helps with this type of pain by numbing the area. Chronic pain, however, might not be caused by an injury-related trauma but a condition that stays with you throughout your life, like arthritis or back problems.

Cold therapy helps relieve the treatment of chronic pain by restricting blood vessels and reducing blood circulation around the area where you are experiencing the pain. Here’s why you should get a donjoy iceman cold therapy unit.

What is a Cold Therapy Unit?

A cold therapy unit (also known as a cryotherapy unit) is a machine that circu­lates cold water through a pad. It is a safe, non-invasive method for easing pain and inflammation, but it’s important to use it according to instructions if you want relief.

The pad is a closed-loop system, so you don’t need to wear any special clothing. The cold therapy unit comes with specially designed pads for certain body parts, such as the shoulder, knee, back, hand, or ankle. The pad is filled with cold water and provides mild compression to help with swelling. When filled with cold water, the pads offer mild compression to help with swelling.

Benefits of Donjoy Iceman Cold Therapy Unit

1.   More Efficient than Ice

Studies show that cold therapy and compression are more effective than using ice alone. When you apply cold to an injury, it causes your blood vessels to narrow and restricts blood flow to the affected area. This helps relieve pain and swelling. Compression keeps the cold from dissipating quickly and allows it to penetrate deeper into your tissue.

2.   Medication with Less Pain

Cold therapy from ice packs or cold packs can be a great way to reduce pain in your body. It blocks the pain signals between your body and your brain, making you feel less pain. A cold therapy machine may help you reduce the amount of medication you need while recovering from surgery or an injury.

3.   Convenience and Portability

Applying ice packs to sore muscles can be a bit of a hassle, especially for areas like your knee or shoulder. An ice pack’s temperature can also be difficult to regulate, and it can melt quickly. A cold therapy unit’s cold water circulation ensures a consistent temperature throughout each session. Also, cold therapy machines are often portable, making them easy to bring to a new location.


Cold therapy seems to have a promising future in pain management. It’s affordable, accessible, and easy to use, so more people than ever before will probably try it—particularly those with chronic pain conditions.

Remember that cold therapy is temporary, but its efficacy for pain relief has been tested and measured for years. Give the Donjoy Iceman Cold Therapy Unit a try if you suffer from chronic pain and want an alternative to prescription therapies.


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