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4 Simple Tips For Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating: Today, we spend a lot of time sitting at our desks. We don’t only work but also chat with friends, play slots online with real money, and even travel using our PCs. Such a sedentary lifestyle is a way to back pain, obesity, and other health problems. Of course, sports is an essential solution here. But you should also remember what you eat.

Healthy Eating is the most essential part of the day. It doesn’t matter what kind of diet you follow, whether you use interval fasting or follow the precepts of your fitness instructor. There are a few universal rules that will make this pleasant and extremely necessary process perfect – both for your body and for your mood.

Eat Regularly

It may seem trivial advice, but a steady intake of food determines the functioning of the intestine and the level of the enzymes responsible for food processing. Circadian rhythms are a kind of body clock that adjusts the timing of the body’s processes. They trigger the production of various enzymes at the time when food intake is expected, thus increasing the metabolism and improving the absorption of nutrients. The more thoroughly the enzymes break down the food, the easier it will be absorbed in the intestine and the fuller it will be.

If you eat at a certain time, your circadian rhythms do their job perfectly. If you have your first meal at seven in the morning, the next day at two in the afternoon, and after a couple of days, you don’t eat breakfast at all, they can’t increase the production of enzymes in time. So the nutrients are not absorbed completely, losing some of their benefits, and after eating, you may have an unpleasant feeling of heaviness.

Food Should Be Varied

For us to be healthy and feel good, keep our hair and skin from falling out or flaking, we need a whole host of vitamins and minerals, as well as proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Research from various countries shows that you don’t even need to take supplements to get the substances you need. It’s enough to include a variety of foods in your diet.

It is a myth that this kind of diet is bland and boring. There are a huge number of recipes, from the simplest to the most inventive, and most importantly, all of them are healthy.

Eat Slowly and Without Distractions

Healthy Eating: This is probably the most difficult rule, given the pace of our lives. You can keep the ratio of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, you can eat at exactly the same time, but it’s not easy to eat slowly even in a quiet environment. Every minute comes a new message. You have to go to work in five minutes. At lunch, you must discuss the latest news with a colleague. It seems that it is impossible to find five minutes without being distracted by something.

But this rule is important. When you’re distracted by your phone, TV, or even a colleague while eating, your brain switches from regulating your digestive processes to regulating what you’re distracted by. This makes you feel full much slower, which means that you may eat much more than you should. Enzymes also work worse.

Allow yourself enough time for a quiet breakfast. Get up fifteen minutes early but give yourself quiet moments, and you’ll feel the difference. And don’t forget to put the phone away! The latest news can wait.

Add Fruits and Vegetables

Health Eating: According to some rules, fruits and vegetables should occupy half of your diet. Of course, there are conditions when fruit should be limited. But if you do not have diabetes or exacerbation of gastritis, then you should eat at least a couple of apples or other fruits a day.

Fruits and vegetables are fiber for proper intestinal function. It’s vitamins, micronutrients, and it’s much healthier than a candy bar. No supplements will give you the level of nutrients that fruits and vegetables provide, as artificially synthesized substances from supplements are digested many times worse. Vitamin and micronutrient deficiencies lead not just to poor health but also to nervous system diseases, reduced immunity and deterioration of hair, skin, and nails.

Smoothies and freshly squeezed juices are not really appropriate because there is no mechanical processing of food. The blender chopped everything up for you, and your brain never realized what it was just now. Consequently, you get a lot of calories but are not satiated. It is better to drink water and eat apples and broccoli unprocessed.

That’s it! Pretty simple but important rules will turn eating into a pleasant ritual.  During this, you know that those 15 minutes belong only to you and your food. These things seem like they are really important little things. Just try following these tips, and your life will change for sure!

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