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For Ultimate Health, Ditch Your Toilet Paper and Get a Bidet

Ditch Your Toilet Paper and Get a Bidet

When you want better health, you have to make major changes in your life; small changes won’t cut it. While you’ve probably already changed things like your diet and exercise habits, you’ll get even better health by ditching toilet paper.

Ditch toilet paper? Is that even possible? Absolutely, and if you want optimal health, it’s a must.

Don’t worry, there’s a replacement for toilet paper. It’s called a bidet, and it will leave you cleaner than toilet paper and wet wipes.

Toilet paper has Come A Long Way

We’ve come a long way with toilet paper since the days of sticks, leaves, and corn cobs. If you can’t imagine wiping with old corn cobs, you’re probably thankful for dry paper. Although awkward, using corn cobs would actually be healthier than todays toilet paper.

Regardless of its Evolution, Toilet Paper Is Surprisingly Unhealthy

Toilet paper is just about the unhealthiest thing you can rub against your body. Bleached paper is so toxic, it contains the two most toxic chemicals known to man: furans and dioxin. Each time you wipe with toilet paper, you’re absorbing these carcinogens into your blood stream.

The process of bleaching toilet paper creates these toxic chemicals – yet, most people don’t think twice about rubbing this toxic paper on their most sensitive areas multiple times a day.

Breaking the TP habit is Better For Your Health

When you’ve grown up using toilet paper, you’re unlikely to think about how bad toilet paper is for your health. It’s a staple in nearly every bathroom across the world. Even hotel bathrooms in France, where the bidet was invented, have been “Americanized,” and the bidets have been removed.

Toilet paper has become so central to our lives that when it disappeared off the shelves in 2020, people duked it out over the last pack. However, it’s time to ditch this archaic product and start using a bidet.

There are 4 main issues with Toilet Paper

1. Excessive wiping can cause Anal Fissures

You don’t want to experience anal fissures. Fissures are tears in the skin that can become inflamed and irritated. They don’t feel good at all. Wiping too much or using too much pressure can cause this health issue.
Whether you’re wiping with dry toilet paper, wet wipes, or both, anal fissures are a risk.

2. Women can get a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

Women are especially prone to UTIs from wiping. It doesn’t matter if you use dry paper or wet wipes because the act of wiping risks spreading feces to the urinary tract.

3. You never Get Completely Clean

When you wipe with dry toilet paper, you’re just spreading feces around. You can remove it in layers, but you’ll never get it all. That’s why it takes multiple wipes to get close to clean, although you’ll never get fully clean.

To illustrate this point, imagine spreading some peanut butter on the carpet and using a paper towel to clean it up. That’s what wiping with dry toilet paper does to your body.

4. Wiping can Facilitate Spreading Feces All Over Your House

Science says feces are everywhere, including all over your bathroom walls, your keyboard, your phone, your kitchen sponge, your shoes, and even your toothbrush. While leaving the toilet lid open to flush is responsible for some of this, the biggest culprit is your hands.

How feces spread is simple. When you wipe, you’re placing your hands near feces. It doesn’t take much contact to spread to your hand, your arm, or your sleeve. From there, it goes wherever you go.

Bidets are Healthier Than Toilet Paper And Wet Wipes

Here are three reasons a bidet is superior to both toilet paper and wet wipes.

1. Water is Better Than Wet Wipes

Nobody can deny how clean you can get with water. That’s why people prefer taking showers over wiping themselves down with wet wipes. A wet wipe works in a pinch, but it’s not a good long-term bathing strategy.

If a wet wipe isn’t good enough to get you completely clean, dry toilet paper is obviously not fit for the job, either.

2. A Bidet Well Get You Shower-Level Clean

A bidet is literally a shower for your bottom. With the right angle and pressure, you can get completely clean.


3. A Bidet Makes It Possible To Use Cloth Toilet Paper

If you’d like to ditch the toxic, bleached paper, a bidet will make that possible. Cloth wipes stay relatively clean when you use a bidet first.

It’s Time To Get A Bidet

If you care about your health, switch to a bidet and ditch toilet paper for good.

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