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Five Tips to Keep You Safe on Your E-Bike

Keep You Safe on Your E-Bike

Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or a newcomer, e-bikes have become a popular mode of transport for millions around the world. E-bikes allow you to ditch the gas-guzzler truck and appreciate the little things in life. Cycling into work can be less stressful and you don’t have to worry about overcrowded trains or buses, not to forget rush-hour traffic jams on the highway. Of course, there are dangers on the roads, regardless of how experienced a cyclist you are. Fortunately, there are many things you could do to keep yourself – and other road users – safe. So, what five tips could you use to keep you safe on your e-bike?

Keep Off Sidewalks and Choose an Appropriate Speed

You probably already know this, but just in case you don’t: e-bikes are not for sidewalks. It could land you in a spot of trouble, especially with an e-bike; it’s road use only, or at least in most states. You also need to consider your cycle speeds. Let’s say you’re on the main street, it’s busy, and you’re in the cycle lane. You want to speed up your journey so turn on the motor and unleash the power. Unfortunately for you, a cyclist up ahead – who has the right of way – is making a turn and because of you whizzing by at such a speed, it knocks them off theirs.

Let’s say you’re maxing the e-bike’s motor out and there is a group of cyclists ahead of you. They slow down for a traffic light, you can’t because you’re going at a high rate of speed. You collide with the group and several cyclists are hurt, not to mention several damaged bikes. Staying safe isn’t just about where you ride, it’s about how you ride and how quickly you do so. You need to choose an appropriate speed for the journey.

Always Plan Your Journey Route Before You Hit the Road

You might think an e-bike can go everywhere, but that’s not entirely correct. Remember, not all roads are safe for e-bikes, while some just don’t allow e-bikes. It is essential to plan your journey or route before you venture out on your e-bike. This not only ensures you remain on safe trails and roads but ensures you don’t end up somewhere you shouldn’t. For example, some national parks do not allow e-bikes. That would mean you’d have to slightly alter your plans if you were to visit them. Also, planning your route ensures you remain safe.

Let’s say you were going for a day out. You aren’t familiar with the roads and end up on a busy highway. You haven’t used an e-bike on these roads before and end up being struck by a vehicle. Even a minor bump can have serious repercussions. That is why it’s necessary to plan your route. It helps to keep you safe while on your e-bike.

Be Seen and Heard

You need to ensure other road users are aware of your presence. It is essential to ensure you are clearly visible to all road users, cyclists, and even pedestrians. Even if you don’t want to wear bold clothing, you could always wear high-visibility accessories, such as jackets and helmets. In the evening, you should use a bright front headlamp and a back taillight. To alert others of your presence, you could attach a small bike bell.

Ensure the E-Bike Is in Good Condition

Taking in your e-bike for a yearly service check is essential. This will ensure the battery, motor, gears, tires, and brakes are in good working order and safe to be out on the road. Of course, you could also carry out a quick check before you get on the e-bike. You could look at the tires and try the brakes to ensure they are working as they should. When the bike is in top condition, it’ll help keep you safe when you cycle.

Wear Comfortable but Appropriate Clothing

You should be able to wear what you want; however, when it comes to cycling, there are some outfits that aren’t appropriate or comfortable to wear. For instance, you use an e-bike to commute to work Monday-to-Friday. Your normal attire for the office is a knee-length pencil skirt and a pair of stiletto heels. Unfortunately, that outfit might not be entirely safe for cycling. Remember, you want to be safe while you use the e-bike and you need to take a good look at what’s comfortable, sensible, and appropriate.

For instance, you could change your footwear when you get into the office or change your entire outfit if needs be. Remember, it’s about being safe as much as being comfortable. Wearing the proper attire could help keep you safe while on an e-bike.

A Word of Caution

While you can follow every safety tip you hear, there are a few unwritten rules of e-bike safety. For example, you’re recovering from a minor bout of flu and are going back to work. You feel a bit shaky on your feet and your head doesn’t feel entirely clear. While you want to hop back on your e-bike, it mightn’t be entirely smart. When you are recovering, even from a minor illness, it could impact your cognitive abilities and reaction times. This could cause you to topple off the e-bike or put you (and others) at risk while you travel.

You might think you’re fine; however, when you haven’t been well or aren’t stable on your feet, it’s time to ditch the bike – at least until you feel better. It’s about safety, yours, and others. That is why sometimes it is better to use an e-bike when you’re 100% fine to do so. It’s the same when the weather conditions outside are particularly misty or foggy. You’d need to wear clearly visible (hi-vis) clothing and hazard lights on the e-bike to alert road users of your presence. When you don’t have these, you shouldn’t venture out.

Stay Safe on your E-Bike

E-bikes are here to stay. These are ideal for commuters and those who want to ditch their vehicles and can be incredibly flexible and versatile. There are a lot of e-bikes to choose from, and you will find the best e-bike for your needs. Unfortunately, there are many hazards on the road, including other cyclists, so it’s essential to be safe on your e-bike. There are plenty of tips to help keep you safe, such as making yourself visible on the road and wearing appropriate clothes. Staying safe on your e-bike ensures you have a hassle-free journey.

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