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Designer Sarees of Rs.500 to 1000– All about Designer Sarees in between the range of Rs. 500 to 1000

Designer Sarees of Rs.500 to 1000

Designer Sarees of Rs.500 to 1000 is the most loved Indian ethnic wear that comes in different patterns and varieties.

It is one of those varieties that takes the women’s fashion statement to a level higher.

The designer saree sets you apart from the crowd and makes you look gorgeous. If you want to bring out your traditional and modern look, you should opt for a designer saree.

Basically, these sarees are trendy worldwide and can be worn comfortably during the wedding season or any high-profile occasion.

However, Designer sarees are known for their pure elegance and versatility.

All about Designer Sarees of Rs.500 to 1000


  • Those who buy designer sarees contemplate blouse and drape just as important as material and design.
  • A designer saree will have the very finest material like chiffon and silk. These fabrics are of high quality and require a great deal of labour and skill to weave them.

Variety of Designer Sarees of Rs.500 to 1000

1. Chanderi saree

  • Chanderi sarees are initiating from Chanderi, a place in Madhya Pradesh.
  • However, they have unmatched sophistication and are popular among middle and upper-class saree weavers.
  • And also, the Chanderi fabric has sheer texture, lightweight, and glossy transparency.

2. Dharmavaram sarees

Dharmavaram sarees

  • These silk saris are woven in the Dharmavaram town in the district of Anantpur in Tamil Nadu.
  • However, these are generally available in Tussar Silk. These saris have a striking resemblance to Kanjeevaram saris.
  • And also, the distinguishing feature of these saris in that it is present in the two colours which give it a bright and dual shade effect

3. Kalamkari sarees of Rs.500 to 1000

  • Basically, Kalamkari is done on soft cotton voiles or Mangalgiri cotton saris in Andra Pradesh.
  • These are made in villages that are primarily associated with the coast of Machlipatnam. The art of Kalamkari also embellishes in Kalahasti, a town near Chennai.

4. Kasuti sarees

  • Basically, Kasuti is an outstanding embroidery work that originated in Karnataka.
  • This embroidery resembles the cross-stitch embroidery and has motifs like palanquins, elephants, lotus, parrots, and small birds.

Kasuti sarees

5. Banarasi sarees

  • Banarasi sarees are one of the best sarees in India. It is originally from Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, and It is renowned for its gold and silver zari.
  • However, these sarees are perfect for an Indian bride’s trousseau.
  • And also, the patterns on this saree are usually leaves, gold weavings, a figure with small details, metallic visual effects.

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Designer sarees in between the range of Rs. 500 to 1000

1. Embroidered, Embellished, Self-Design

  • It is a best Seller, Sexy, Bollywood Stylish, Designer Silk Chiffon, saree. It includes beautiful Hot Bhagalpuri, Banarasi sarees.
  • Basically, these sarees are gorgeous, Indian Traditional, Heavy Work, and Party wear.
  • These sarees are bridal Wedding, Global Fancy Embroidery Cotton South Indian, Bengali Creative Luxury High-Quality and Effective

2. Animal Print, Embroidered, Temple Border, Self-Design

  • These sarees have Peacock and other animal prints. They have Cost Competitive Deal, Lowest Cost Top Branded, Printed Print, Floral Embroidered Saris, crepes, Art Selling and Exclusive.

3. Designer Aqua Blue Jacquard Soft Silk Saree

  • Explore the collection of beautifully designed silk banarasi Saree from KHUSHI CREATION on Amazon.
  • Kanchipuram silk sarees for women, silk banarasi saree, each piece is elegant and will surely add to your apparel.
  • However, Pair this saree with heels or flats for a graceful look red banarasi saree 1000 cotton expensive under rupees 800 price.

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4. Lichi Silk Saree with Unstitched Blouse Piece

  • Lichi Silk is an instantly familiar sheer, lightweight, dull-finish fabric that is popular for outfits that require a clingy and flowing look.
  • Basically, Sarees allow you to provide a modern touch to traditional Indian attire.
  • However, with its bright colour and prints, this saree makes for versatile wear for casual and formal occasions.

5. Vaividhyam Women’s Cotton Silk Saree with Blouse Piece

  • basically, Cotton silk fabric is a merger of both fibres, combining positive characteristics of each into a single textile.
  • A lightweight, and easy weave that is also lustrous, silk cotton fabric has a soft feel and a sturdy, silken drape.
  • However, these characteristics make for flexibility that makes it suitable for multiple occasions.

6. Silk Zone Women’s Kanchipuram Silk Blend Saree

  • A saree is the essence of grace and dignity, going back generations and still stands as the self-importance of old-style Indian fashion.
  • And also, it is suitable for all types of traditional get-togethers, wedding ceremonies, parties & meetings.
  • Machine wash the saree with mild detergents. Dry in the shade. Do not expose to direct sunlight and high temperatures for fabric maintenance.

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