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Bombay Dyeing Bedsheets – Details, Qualities, Who is the founder, current CEO of Bombay Dyeing?

Bombay Dyeing Bedsheets

Bombay Dyeing Bedsheets are a safe bet for most occasions. Due to the highly porous nature of this material, these sheets are suitable in hot climates.

Plus, Bombay cotton dye sheets are easy to care for and won’t shrink or lose shape even after repeated washings.

Bombay Dyeing and Manufacturing Company Limited (Bombay Dyeing) was established on August 23, 1879.

It is the top company of the Wadia Group, primarily engaged in the retail and real estate development of polyester staple fibres. fingers

Bombay Dyeing is one of the largest textile producers in India

  • You can count on this renowned bedding brand to provide you with some of the best ethereal fabrics and prints that can increase the beauty coefficient of your home in no time.
  • Its designer products offer excellent value for money as they are available in different budget ranges to cater to a broader market segment.

Details about Bombay Dyeing Bedsheets

  1. Price Range: – Rs. 350-5000
  2. Fabric: cotton, microfiber, polycotton and polyester.
  3. Pattern Type: – Print, Abstract, Cartoon, Plaid, Floral, Geometric, Pattern, Paisley, Plain, Polka, Auto Design, Solid & Striped
  4. Size: – Double, Single, Double King and Double Queen
  5. Websites to buy: –, Amazon. in,, and

Details about Bombay Dyeing Bedsheets

Who is the founder, current CEO of Bombay Dyeing?

  • Nowrosjee Wadia is the founder of Bombay Dyeing.
  • Wadia Group owns the company.
  • Jehangir N Wadia is the current CEO of Bombay Dyeing.
  • You can view the name of the president, CEO, CFO, management team, board of directors and key executives of Bombay Dyeing & Manufacturing Company Ltd.
  • Bombay Dyeing is the leading company of the Nusli Wadia Group, established in 1879.
  • It was founded by Nowrosjee Wadia, which started small-scale operations with cotton yarn dyed in three colours: turkey red, green and orange, and then in the sun to dry it.

Qualities of Bombay Dyeing Bedsheets

  • A comfortable sheet is not only the key to a good night’s sleep. It also enhances the overall look of your bedroom.
  • Its soft fabric provides a pleasant and comfortable sleeping experience.
  • A good quality sheet should be soft to the skin, have a good thread count, and be durable.
  • The higher the number of threads, the softer the sheet will be.
  • There are several types of sheets available in different sizes, designs and materials.
  • To help you choose the right one for your bed, we’ve put together a list of the best sheets available.

Points to consider before buying a sheet

1. Material

  • If you don’t want too much humidity, you can opt for cotton or bamboo sheets. If you live in a tropical area, bedding may be the best option for you.

2. The number of threads

  • These days we can see a lot of discussion about the number of threads. Now the main question is, what is the number of lines?
  • The number of threads indicates the number of lines of any fabric in a square inch.
  • Therefore, the concept is that the higher the number of threads, the better the quality.

3. Size

  • Size can be an essential factor when buying a sheet, as it is crucial to check the size and see if it fits the bed well.
  • Because if you accidentally get too big or too small, the fit won’t fit and it will look not very interesting.
  • If you have a king-size bed, check the bedding for king size only, and this is how you will take the size measurements.

Why is Bombay Dyeing’s share declining?

  • Shares of Wadia Group companies fell 10% on April 30, as media reported that Ness Wadia was sentenced to two years in prison by a Japanese court for alleged drug possession.
  • Bombay Dyeing shares fell 9.78 per cent to close at Rs 112.60 on the BSE.

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