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A Guide To Buying Sherlock Glass Pipes

A Guide To Buying Sherlock Glass Pipes

A Guide To Buying Sherlock Glass Pipes, Glass pipes are one of the best options available for anyone looking for a smoking pipe to smoke marijuana in. These are easy to use anywhere.

Unlike joints, there is little to no preparation to complete in order to smoke marijuana from a glass pipe. You just need to pack its bowl with a herb, light it, and, “Dayum”! The job is done!

The sherlock glass pipes add a feather to the crown of a smoker’s collection. They have the overall convenience and practicality of a traditional pipe combined with sophistication and elegance in design.

This article will help you choose the right Sherlock pipe.

What are Sherlock pipes?

As the name suggests, these pipes are identical to the smoking pipe of the fictional evergreen detective, Sherlock Holmes. In the 1800s, his power of deduction took over the world, and the rest is history. This creation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has never lost its relevance. Even today, people are crazy about incorporating the looks of Sherlock in their lives.

One of the critical attributes of Sherlock was his style of smoking and the pipe itself. Sherlock pipes add a significant style to a smoker’s collection by adding a piece of history and elegance.

Things to know about buying a Sherlock glass pipe


The basic functionality of a sherlock pipe is almost similar to other smoking pipes. It consists of a bowl attached to a stem with a carb hole on its left. The carb hole maintains the flow of air into the apparatus to produce a good amount of smoke. Nevertheless, the attributes which make sherlock pipes different lie in their stem.

The stem of this pipe is longer and has a slight curvature into it. It almost looks like an L-shaped pipe, thereby adding a sleek touch to the design. It helps the user get a good grip on the same and prevents accidental slipping.


Sherlock pipes are made of very durable glass. Moreover, the long neck and intricate curvature are characteristic of this flexible material. A benefit of using glass as a material is that it does not absorb smoke and gives a clean hit every time a smoker uses it.

Bowl size

A customer must consider the bowl size of a sherlock glass pipe. Small bowls are great for quick smoke sessions, and large bowls fit best in group sessions. Therefore the size of the pipe’s bowl should complement the habits of a user.


Sherlock pipes have a sleek mouthpiece that does not store any debris or accumulated resins. It reduces the need for cleaning it frequently. Nevertheless, it is basic hygiene to clean it at least once every two weeks.


Not every design appears to be in tandem with the user, as there are various designs for these pipes. Therefore, a customer needs to buy a sherlock pipe when the design resonates with their personality.


If you already have an elaborate collection of smoking paraphernalia, then Sherlock glass pipes can be an excellent addition to your collection, with their vintage but still chic appearance.

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