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How A Custom Night Guard Helps With Bruxism

A Custom Night Guard Helps With Bruxism

Bruxism is a common condition that involves grinding your teeth so forcefully and frequently that they become damaged. It’s usually a result of stress, anxiety, or another mental strain, but it also affects many people for no reason.

Unfortunately, bruxism can have long-term effects on the bite and alignment of your teeth. If left unchecked, bruxism can increase your risk for oral diseases like gingivitis and may even lead to tooth loss in the future.

If you’re dealing with this frustrating side effect of stress or anxiety manifesting as frequent teeth grinding, you should invest in a custom night guard to help reduce the damage caused by grinding your teeth.

Keep reading to learn more about the undesirable effects of bruxism, how a custom night guard can help with bruxism, and why investing in one from Teeth Guard Night Lab is wise.

Why Is Bruxism So Bad?

There are two reasons why bruxism is so bad. The first one is that it can lead to disfiguration of your teeth.

If you keep grinding your teeth daily, they will become weaker and weaker. This is even more likely if you continuously grind your teeth with the same force. And the only thing that will happen is that they will break. This is why many people who grind their teeth have some broken teeth in their mouth.

Some people will also have loose teeth. Loose teeth are terrible because you must get them pulled out sooner or later. And you might also get an infection in your gums. This is because your gums are constantly open, and bacteria can enter them quickly.

The good news is that getting a night guard can help prevent teeth damage due to bruxism.

What Is a Custom Night Guard?

A custom night guard is a protective dental device worn at night to help reduce the risk of tooth damage due to bruxism. While different materials are used to make these devices, the thermoplastic polymer is the most common since it is soft and a lot more comfortable than the others.

You can, however, expect to find others made from polyvinyl chloride or silicone.

During the sleep cycle, when you’re in a relaxed state, your muscles naturally relax, including the ones in your jaw. While relaxed, the jaw naturally opens very wide, which allows the lower teeth to be in the same position as the upper teeth.

This poses a problem for people who clench, grind or grind their teeth and put their jaw in a position where it’s more likely to open too wide and cause damage to the teeth.

But with a night guard that’s custom-made for your mouth and teeth, your teeth will be protected from over-opening and being damaged by helping your jaw stay in a more closed position while you sleep.

Here’s how:

How A Custom Night Guard Helps With Bruxism

Custom night guards are special guard that is soft enough for your teeth but strong enough not to bend. You put it in your mouth, preventing you from grinding your teeth by reducing the pressure in your jaw.

A bruxism night guard helps reduce the damage and risk of tooth loss by

The device also protects your gums, lips, and the inside of your mouth from excessive grinding that might irritate or injure those areas. It does this by keeping your jaw squeezed shut while sleeping and relaxed. This keeps your jaw from opening too wide, which is these areas are most likely to be damaged.

With that said, a bruxism night guard is a good choice for anyone who is experiencing the symptoms of bruxism and grinding their teeth, including people with misaligned teeth, people who have gum disease or periodontal disease from grinding, or people who have a high risk of tooth loss due to clenching and grinding.

Once you’re fitted for a device and start sleeping with it regularly, you should see significant improvements in your bruxism symptoms.

What’s the Difference Between a Normal Tooth Guard and a Custom One?

The main difference between an average tooth guard and a custom night guard is that a custom device is more specific to your unique needs and is more likely to solve your problems with bruxism. This makes for a more customized and effective device that will help you stop grinding your teeth.

A normal guard is intended for the general public, and many of the same designs are sold en masse. It is essentially a one-size-fits-all device designed to accommodate many people and their different needs.

How To Get A Custom Night Guard For Bruxism

If you’re looking for a custom-made night guard, you’ll first need to visit a dentist or dental hygienist to be diagnosed with bruxism and receive a customized treatment plan.

Once you’ve been diagnosed, talk to your dentist about getting a custom-made night guard to help reduce the damage caused by grinding your teeth at night. A custom night guard will provide the best protection against bruxism, and the dentist or dental hygienist can help you to choose the right design and material for your guard.

The dentist will use an impression of your teeth to create a night guard that fits comfortably against the teeth and gums and helps to prevent teeth from grinding. Alternatively, you can send your impressions to Teeth Night Guard Lab, and they can mold a night guard for your mouth.

In Conclusion

Bruxism is a serious problem that can cause much damage to the teeth and gums if left unchecked. Luckily, there are many ways to prevent and treat bruxism, and getting a custom night guard is one of the best ways to protect your teeth from the effects of grinding your teeth.

A custom night guard is designed to fit the teeth exactly and won’t apply excessive pressure against the teeth and gums, making it the best option for protecting teeth from grinding.

So, if you’re dealing with the frustrating effects of bruxism and want to stop grinding your teeth, a custom night guard is the perfect solution.

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