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Wildcraft Super Mask W95+ – Features, Benefits, Wildcraft Super Mask W95+very helpful during Covid-19

Wildcraft Super Mask W95+

Wildcraft’s patented 6-layer triple filtration system, the Wildcraft Super Mask W95+, is your perfect outdoor companion.

Super mask W95+ is a reusable outdoor respirator that offers enhanced protection, comfort, and design. Can use this outdoor respirator with up to 30 gentle hand washes.

The Super mask W95+ is a reusable Outdoor Respirator, carefully designed for all weather conditions with breathability and comfort in mind.

Moreover, it protects you from dangerous germs, pollutants, dust, particles, car exhaust, factories, forest fires, etc.

Basically, Super mask, the W95+ comes with a Flexi-fit neck strap for comfortable use and comfortable wearing for long hours.

And also, Super mask W95+ has been tested according to the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) standards, which are tested in laboratories approved by the Ministry of Textile Industry.

However, all Wildcraft outdoor masks offer exceptional protection.

Wildcraft Proprietary Hypashield 6 Layer Cartridge

1. Hypacool Inner layer

  1. Cooling Effect
  2. Moisture Control
  3. Anti-Bacterial Finish

2. Multi-Layered Cartridge

  • PM 2.5 FilterProtection
  • Bacteria Filter
  • Small particle Filter

3. Engineered Outer Layer

  • Coarse Particle Filter

Features and Benefits of Wildcraft Super Mask W95+

  1. Easy to carry and use
  2. Flexible shoulder strap for increased comfort.
  3. It is innovative two-panel construction for a versatile fit.
  4. It has a modifiable nose clip for added protection.
  5. Comfortable breathing
  6. It has broader face coverage for maximum protection
  7. Soft and elastic earrings for more comfort.
  8. Low fogging of glasses.
  9. Suitable for all facial movements.
  10. Value for money as it costs Rs 6.5 peruse.
  11. It is convenient, foldable, and flat design for easy storage.
  12. Low heat generation
  13. Washable and reusable

How to Use Wildcraft Super Mask W95+?

  • Firstly, grasp the concave side of the earrings with your hands.
  • Secondly, pull the laces over your ears and cover your nose, mouth, and chin well with the mask.
  • Adjust the bendable nose clip to prevent leakage and ensure a snug fit.
  • Lastly, the inner layer should be pressed to form a concave shape; it should not remove it.

Facts of the test of Wildcraft Super Mask W95+

  • 95% + Bacteria Filtration Efficiency (BFE) for bacteria larger than 3 microns (microns).
  • 95% + Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE) for particles larger than 0.3 microns (microns).
  • Liquid splash resistance test when tested for hydrostatic load up to 160 mm Hg From art. – Protects against accidental droplets/sneezing in the user’s nose and mouth.
  • And also, it is carefully designed for all weather conditions while maintaining breathability {Differential Pressure Test (Delta P) with <35 Pa / cm²} and comfort.

Washing and Care Instructions of Wildcraft Super Mask W95+

  1. Soak and Dip
  2. Do not bleach
  3. No tumble dry.
  4. Do not iron
  5. Do not wring out

Precautions and Warnings of Wildcraft Super Mask W95+


  • Firstly, wash your hands thoroughly with Hand Wash, Soap, and Water before putting on and after removing the mask.
  • Secondly, after daily use, wash it according to the care instructions.
  • And also, the mask is for individual use only; it should not pass on to other people to avoid infection. Store it in a Dry place away from direct sunlight.
  • Lastly, change it if you feel breathing is difficult. Discard the mask and throw it away after 30 washes.


  • Instructions for use and precautions should be followed as recommended.
  • Improper use of the mask can be harmful to health.

Wildcraft Super Mask W95+very helpful during Covid-19

1. Wildcraft Super mask W95 aqua blue external respirator, reusable – size L

  • The designed with a 6-layer triple filtration system, the Super mask W95 reusable respirator is your ideal outdoor companion.
  • Moreover, it can be used up to thirty (30) times. The super mask W95 reusable outdoor respirator, carefully designed for all weather conditions, with care for breathability and comfort.
  • And also to protects you from harmful germs, pollutants, dust, particles, gas fumes from cars, factories, forest fires, and more.

wildcraft-super-mask-w95 (1)

2. Adult Set of 7 Reusable super masks W95 6-Ply Black Face Masks – Large

  • Pack of 7 Reusable excellent covers W95 Anti-Pollution Protective Masks.
  • However, it is designed with a 6-layer triple particle filtration system. It will be your perfect outdoor companion.

wildcraft-super-mask-w95 (2)

3. Wildcraft Hypashield Reusable Mask (Black, Without Valve, Pack of 3) for Adults

    • BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) tested in the Ministry of Textile approved labs tested the Hypashield W95 mask as per its standards.
    • Basically, all Wildcraft Outdoor Protection Masks deliver exceptionally high levels of protection.
    • Moreover, the test details are as below: 95%+ Bacteria filtration efficiency (BFE) for over 3µm (micron) sized bacteria.
    • 95%+ particle filtration efficiency (PFE) for over 0.3µm (micron) size particles

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