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Tips on Washing Athleisure Clothes

Tips on Washing Athleisure Clothes

Unlike before, people are more confident to wear their athleisure clothes in public before going to the gym or sports center. But, after a great workout, are you still confident about remaining in the clothes? I bet not! You want to change right after your workout is over.

Sweats and foul odor is normal when doing workout or sports. What’s not normal is you do not take care properly of your garments. Athleisure clothes, especially high-performance activewear, are pretty expensive. You need to know how to wash them to make your investment last properly.

How to Wash Athleisure Clothes?

Wash your athleisure clothes gently. It has to be done with proper care. If it is possible, hand wash your athleisure clothes or set the washing machine into a delicate setting. The following tips will help you care for and preserve your activewear.

Immediately Wash Clothes After Use.

Here’s the thing, some of us hit the gym first before going to work. If this is your morning routine, it is best to drop your sweaty clothes at the nearest laundry service. You are now free from the responsibility and worries that the activewear will have a fungi and bacteria formation.

Use an Adequate Amount Of Laundry Detergent.

You have to remember the importance of laundry detergent when washing clothes. Choose a regular laundry detergent that is free of fragrance and harsh ingredients. Moreover, do not pour excessive laundry detergent.

It is a misconception that using excessive laundry detergent makes the clothes cleaner. Excessive laundry detergent results in soap buildup or residue, which traps odor and dead skin cells in the fibers.

Meanwhile, if you are dealing with an excessively soiled athleisure cloth, it is best to use a special activewear laundry detergent designed just for washing gym clothes.

Turn Clothes Inside-Out When Washing.

Bacteria and dead skin cells cling to the inside portion of your clothes. That’s why it is best to turn your clothes inside-out before washing them to easily access and clean the dirtiest part of your athleisure clothes.

Do not use Bleach And Fabric Softeners.

Bleach is a harsh substance that causes discoloration. Do not use it when washing gym clothes. Meanwhile, fabric softeners make clothes smell good. But, it damages the fabrics and traps foul odor in your activewear.

Avoid Heat.

Whether washing or drying clothes, do not use heat. It breaks down the clothes’ elasticity and causes them to shrink. When washing, use only cold water, and do not put them in the dryer. The best method to dry them is by hanging.

Final Thoughts

You have to wash your athleisure clothes immediately after use immediately. It is the only way to get rid of body soil and bacteria and prevent its possible build-up. Do not forget that high-performance activewear needs extra attention. If you tend to trust your laundry to a laundry pickup and delivery service, although experts are handling your clothes, do not forget to give them some extra instructions.

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