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Exercise Safety in Summer Weather

Exercise Safety in Summer Weather

The summer is here again, and everyone is out to cross off some fun outdoor activities of the famous bucket list. It could be playing sports, spending your days by the beach, or swimming in your pool.

Summer brings excitement and motivation for fitness enthusiasts. Are you excited about the abundance of activities you could do this summer? Unfortunately, exercising in the sunshine isn’t always as exciting and enjoyable as it sounds, especially when it comes to our safety. However, don’t let the hot weather stand in your way with our top tips to exercise safety in summer.

Drink plenty of water

Water is life, and that’s why you will not run out of health benefits that consuming it can offer. That said, it is crucial to remain hydrated every day, with the summer calling for even more of an effort. It is especially true if you have a plan to participate in outdoor activities.

Whenever you work out in high temperatures, you may experience dehydration much faster due to excessive sweating. Dehydration can affect your performance and hinder you from attaining your workout goals. So, keep drinking water to help you replace the fluids you are losing as you try to stay fit.

Health professionals highly recommend that you drink enough water before, during, and also once you’re done with training sessions to attain adequate hydration.

Opt for working out at cooler hours of the day

You may work out indoors, but if you prefer taking your exercise sessions in the great outdoors in the summer, there are ways to do it effectively with regards to safety. One is to schedule your workout sessions for the early morning or late evening hours. Usually, the temperatures have dropped by this time, and you can have quality and longer exercise sessions.

However, if your schedule has no room for such adjustments, you can ensure safety even when the scorching sun is at its brightest and do them indoors during the hottest hours.

Apply (and reapply sunscreen)

Regardless of which season of the year, every Australian should wear sunscreen every time they go outside. Without the proper protection, your skin can burn very fast, especially when the sun is strong. Make sure that using sunscreen is one of your highest priorities in the summer.

According to the Cancer Council, applying sunscreen roughly 20 minutes before going outside and using products with the labels broad-spectrum, water-resistant, and at least SPF 30 is highly recommended. At the same time, if you are doing activities that leave you sweating or swimming and repeatedly going in and out of the pool or sea, ensure you keep reapplying it throughout the day.

Our children may also take up some summer activities. Parents must keep their safety in mind before sending them away. Be sure that they carry adequate water and sunscreen to last a whole day. It is crucial to make them understand the importance of remaining hydrated and applying sunscreen.

If you haven’t found the ideal and healthy activities for your kids, check out what the local club near you is offering. The good news is that most clubs offer programs in boxing, gymnastics, and other non-competitive and non-athletic activities. So, find out what is available and which will favour your child’s personality.


With all the excitement that comes with the multitude of activities you can try out in the summer, it is vital to ensure your safety and those close to you. While at it, ensure our kids have all they need to engage in exercise without compromising their safety. Find a local club near you to explore various activities that help with fitness and health.


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