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Will insurance cover the entire cost of my dental implants?

Dental implants are some of the best dental procedures that can restore your smile and improve the quality of your life. However, they do not come cheaply. That is because the material used needs to look and feel like a natural tooth, and the installation also requires a lot of skill.

Therefore, most people opt for insurance covers to help them settle the bill for dental implants. As much as insurance covers can save the day, sometimes you are unsure whether the cover will pay the entire cost or just a fraction of the amount.

It is vital to research the cost of dental implants in your location to know the exact amount you need to have before starting the procedure. Some dentist Syracuse, NY websites will have that information, but others will not. Let us explain what to expect from insurance covers regarding dental implants.

How Much Does Insurance Cover for Dentist Syracuse, NY Procedures Like Dental Implants?

Dental insurance does not necessarily cover the entire cost of your dental implants. Some covers might not even cover dental implants at all. Here are the two main reasons why insurance companies put up such a fight when it comes to dental implants.

1.    They are Very Expensive

Dental implants cost between $1500 and $6000 for a single tooth, depending on the type of implant you want. That is so much money, especially when you need more than one dental implant. Insurance companies operate like any other business; therefore, covering such costly procedures for everyone could quickly drive them out of business.

2.    The Consider Dental Implants Cosmetic Procedures

Many insurance companies will argue that implants are more of a cosmetic procedure than a health one. For that reason, they place implants under the category of cosmetic procedures that they do not cover. In cases where you can convince them that you need the procedure for your health, they will pay only a portion, not the total amount.

What To Do When Insurance Cannot Cover Your Dental Implants

1.    Find Out How Much Insurance is Willing to Pay

Ask your insurance whether they will cover your dental implant before going to a dentist Syracuse NY clinic. That helps you determine how much more you need to add to get the procedure.

2.    Find Out The Estimated Cost of Treatment

Different dentist Syracuse, NY clinics will have different charges for dental implants. It is essential to consult with your preferred dentist, Syracuse ny clinic, and find out how much they charge for proper planning.

3.    Raise the Remaining Cost Before the Implant

You might need to pay out of pocket for the implant, especially when the insurance company does not cover the procedure. Even if they cover a percentage like fifty percent, you might still need to raise a good chunk of money on your own.


Most insurance companies for dentist Syracuse, NY procedures like dental implants 0-80% of the total cost of treatment. Insurance companies could pay the full amount, but you would also have to pay very high premiums. Always get clarification from your insurance company before you start a dental implant procedure to know how much more money you need.

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