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9 Outdoor Activities for the Winter with the Family

9 Outdoor Activities for the Winter 

Winter can be tough for many people. It’s hard to get outside when it’s cold or find ways to stay in shape. Still, it’s important to find activities that both you and the little ones will love to do together.

This year, you can explore the great outdoors with our list of nine outdoor winter activities that can be fun for every member of the family.

1. Snowmobiling

You might be surprised to learn that snowmobiling is a great way to experience the outdoors during the winter and get some exercise. It requires a strong core as well as arm strength to maneuver it through the snow.

Plus, everyone in the family will love exploring the snowy landscape while riding along. So get your snowmobile ready for the season by obtaining your Skidoo parts online.

2. Build a Snowman

There is no winter activity more classic than building a snowman. It’s fun for all ages where you can bond as a family while getting the necessary vitamin D.

Grab your snow pants, gloves, and a warm jacket, and get to work!

3. Try Snowshoeing

If you haven’t tried snowshoeing yet, you’re missing out. This is an incredibly fun winter activity that’ll keep you warm since it can be a pretty decent workout.

It’s perfect for all ages and levels because you can go at any pace you want. Snowshoes aren’t super expensive and you can get them second-hand through Marketplace, or buy them new for cheaper than a day-pass on a ski lift.

4. Go Plogging

The Swedish are always great at finding great ways to stay active outdoors, all while being sustainable.

A Swedish hobby called “plogging” mixes the idea of picking up trash while jogging. You’re getting a workout and doing a family activity that helps the planet, all at the same time!

5. Trail Running

Getting outside is one of the body and mind’s best medicines. Running helps relieve stress and anxiety. It can also make you more tired so you sleep better.

Explore the outdoors through a different mindset by trail running through a local mountain range or in nearby woods.

 6. Shovel For a Neighbor

If you need to motivate yourself to get outside, you can always do it by helping others. If you know of a neighbor that isn’t able to shovel their driveway due to their age or a physical inability, do a good deed by shoveling it for them.

You’ll boost endorphins (the happy hormone in your body)  by volunteering your time and making someone else happy in the process.

7. Take a Staycation

Sometimes you might need a little extra incentive to get you and your family outdoors during the winter. If you’re in a slump, try taking a staycation. Treat the family to a cabin in the woods or a nice hotel in the city.

Go sightseeing or explore nature to get out of your usual element. Everyone will be grateful to switch up the pace!

8. Build a Fire

Just because it’s wet outside doesn’t mean you can’t have a fire. All you need is a dry spot with dry wood to get it started.

Bring out the marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate bars to make smores together. A tasty reward for the hard work of building a fire in the snow.

9. Use Your Imagination

Encouraging your family to be active in the wintertime can oftentimes require the use of your imagination.

Tap into your childlike wonder and get creative when playing in the snow. Grab cookie cutters and make snow cookies with the kids. Have a playful snowball fight.

Go sledding at a nearby hill. Use beach toys and build snow castles. Your kids will simply love that you’re taking time to play with them outside, regardless of what you do!

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