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7 Useful Video Software for Streamers

Software for Streamers

Live streaming is a hot subject these days. From professional gamers to media houses, everyone is using live streaming services. To enhance the outcome, you should be using quality video software.

If you are looking for a quality online video editor, visit Promo is a top-notch online video editor that gives you access to modern tools. On the other hand, if you want streaming software, you have come to the right place.

In this article, we will talk about a few of the best video software for streamers. In the list, we have included both free and paid software. Depending on your requirement, you can choose one that meets your criteria.

OBS Studio

Did you know that Open Broadcast Software Studio is the official streaming service of Twitch and Facebook?

Being the first-ever streaming software, the OBS Studio is still one of the leading streaming options in the market. Thankfully, it is open-source software that gives you access to its code. Moreover, it is free to use.

OBS Studio is popular due to its exceptional customizability. Additionally, it is compatible with Linux, Windows, and Mac.

If you are a beginner, it is an excellent option for you. It gives you access to a variety of tools. Furthermore, you can check scenes and sources in Studio Mode before starting the live stream.

Software for Streamers

Streamlabs OBS

Think of Streamlabs OBS as an advanced version of OBS. It belongs to the same family. However, it comes with better and more features.

Along with standard OBS features, it has many more options. You get access to built-in text-to-speech, customizable overlays, a chatbox, alerts, and a view counter.

In addition, sponsored banners and tip jars are the most favorite features of professional content makers. Moreover, you can use free themes to modify your broadcasting.

Thankfully, it allows you to live stream using the mobile app as well. Furthermore, it backs up your recordings with the built-in backup tool. It is free software but you may need to get a Prime subscription for advanced features.


vMix is one of the best options for Windows users. With advanced features, it makes broadcasting simpler and easier than ever.

If you want to host interviews, the software has some guest features. You can conduct interviews without any trouble. All you need to do is to give them a link and they will be able to join you on the screen.

Thankfully, it doesn’t compromise audio or video quality. Most video streaming software disturbs video quality while you invite guests.

To ensure exclusivity, it gives you access to hundreds of animated titles, graphic features, tickers, etc. Using an online video editor, you can enhance the quality of your stream. Moreover, it automatically adds subtitles to your videos.

Unfortunately, it only supports Windows. Moreover, it broadcasts at a low bit rate. If you are looking for the best quality, you may need to look at other options. Its basic plan cost 60 dollars.


Do you want to go live on more than one platform? Are you looking for a solution to upload recorded video on all platforms? OneStream is the solution. It allows you to go live or upload videos to up to 40 platforms.

Most importantly, you can schedule your broadcasting up to 60 days in advance. Thankfully, it allows the entire team to use one account.

While uploading a video, it has a maximum limit of 5GB. Furthermore, its advanced features are difficult to understand for beginners.

When it comes to pricing, you can go with a free plan or a professional plan. The latter cost 89 dollars a month.

XSplit Broadcaster

Looking for streaming software for games? Do you need a quality online video editor to enhance your gaming videos? This is the ultimate software for you.

Using built-in plugins, you can stream to various platforms like Facebook, YouTube, etc. Moreover, you can stream to any platform with custom RTMP.

Gladly, you can set up an event list, follower alerts, subscriber goals, and many more using the online video editor. Moreover, you can check the new subscribers, followers, super chats, and cheers on the live status display.

If you want a lifetime license, you need to pay 200 dollars. Otherwise, it costs 15 dollars a month. For now, it is available for Windows only. Thankfully, it is coming for Mac as well.

Software for Streamers


Here is a cloud-based platform that is extremely easy to use. You only need a browser to access Lightstream. Gladly, it comes with a drag-and-drop editor.

Using the online video editor, you can enhance your live streams. Moreover, it gives you access to third-party integrations for on-stream alerts, social media displays, and motion graphics.

The best part is that you can use your smartphone to start or stop the broadcasting. You don’t need to download anything. Moreover, you can invite guests by sharing a link.

Unfortunately, there are backgrounds or templates available. Moreover, you need a 5MB upload speed to broadcast. It costs 20 dollars a month.


When it comes to quality streaming, Wirecast leads the industry. It allows you to create TV-quality broadcasts. Using one interface, you can capture, produce and stream.

The platform gives you access to a huge stock library with over 500,000 media files. Due to the high-resolution ISO recording, you can use it with confidence. You can use a variety of features for sports live streaming like a scoreboard, timer, replay, and clocks.

Compared to other software, it is expensive. It starts at 599 dollars. Moreover, you need at least 2GB of free disk space and 4GB RAM.

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