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Current Social Issues Write For Us Social Issues in India 2022

Current Social Issues in India: Indian society has progressed with advancements in various disciplines. However, socio-cultural issues must be recognized and addressed in every community. The safety of people, especially vulnerable groups such as women, children, and the elderly, is a crucial concern of modern Indian culture.

Today, casteism, dowry, communalism, drunkenness, drug addiction, and other critical socio-cultural issues need to remain addressed. The topics listed here are not exhaustive. Other concerns must remain addressed by the country as a whole, as well as individual regions and communities.

Current Social Issues in India 2022

Similarly, Castes are rigid and sometimes even oppressive social groups in which lifestyles, occupations, and social statuses remain passed down from generation to generation. But, The caste system in India dates back to early times. It remained influenced by numerous ruling elites in medieval, early modern, and modern India, notably the Mughal Empire and the British Raj. Varna and jati, the two concepts that make up the caste system, can be considered at different levels of analysis.

Afterwards independence in 1947, India implemented several affirmative action programs aimed at helping historically disadvantaged populations. But, These measures included reserving a certain number of places in higher education and government jobs for these groups

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