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Putlocker proxy sites – Why to use? 25+ Best PutLocker Proxy Sites in 2020

Putlocker proxy sites or Putlocker mirror sites are replicas of the original Putlocker website maintained by volunteers and staff. Furthermore, these websites access the contents of the leading website’s database.

And also, these alternative options allow users from all over the world to access the leading website.

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What is Putlocker?

Basically, Putlocker refers to various online file hosting index websites used for streaming entertainment media, particularly films/movies and television/web series, for free.

However, these websites consisted of Putlocker VIP, Putlocker mix, and Putlockers official website. Furthermore, many users used Putlocker and its alternatives to watch popular content like avengers, the game of thrones, Hindi movies, Hollywood movies, and much more.

Why use Putlocker?

Basically, various online streaming and download sites can find your favourite movies and TV shows. But, why is Putlocker so popular with internet users? Well, we have rounded up five reasons why users prefer Putlocker:

  • Firstly, No Adobe plugin is required to stream online
  • Secondly, an extensive collection of movie databases to watch online
  • High speed buffering like YouTube and SFmovies
  • It is a well-designed user interface and accessibility options for all devices.
  • Lastly, you don’t need an account, and you can access the content without logging into the websites.

What are Putlocker Proxy Sites?

Basically, Putlocker Proxy Sites are synced with the original Putlocker site, Putlockers proxy servers and mirror sites can be classified based on the speed, geographic location, or quality of the movies shown in TV series. In addition, these pages can be divided into different film genres.

However, accessing free content on Putlocker is not easy right now. And, this is because the UK government has banned the site because of policy violations and copyright issues. However, there are many other ways to access your content through Putlocker proxy and Putlocker mirror sites so that you can bypass the ISP ban in your area.

Moreover, these mirrors also feature the latest movies and TV series that you can watch or stream online for free in HD 1080p quality.

25+ Best PutLocker Proxy Sites in 2020

S. No. Putlocker Proxy and Putlocker Mirror sites Status Speed
1. Online Very Fast
2. Putlockerr. is Online Very Fast
3. Putlockers. fm Online Very Fast
4. Online Very Fast
5. Online Very Fast
6. Putlockerhd. is Online Very Fast
7. Online Very Fast
8. Putlockers. sc Online Very Fast
9. Online Very Fast
10. Putlockers. am Online Very Fast
11. Putlockers. tf Online Very Fast
12. Online Very Fast
13. Online Very Fast
14. UK Proxy Online Very Fast
15. Putlocker. fyi Online Very Fast
16. Putlocker. fyi Online Very Fast
17. US Proxy Online Very Fast
18. Putlockertv. to Online Very Fast
19. Online Very Fast
20. Online Very Fast
21. Putlockertv. to Online Very Fast
22. Putlockers. mn Online Very Fast
23. Putlockerhd. is Online Very Fast
24. Online Very Fast
25. Putlockersonline. co Online Very Fast

Despite, so many challenges from government agencies, the Putlockers community can still access content from anywhere in the world. Furthermore, the list of Putlocker proxy sites or Putlockers mirrors compiled above is efficient enough that you can browse all content related to your favourite movie / TV show genres. However, before accessing these sites, we strongly recommend that you use a VPN so that you can hide your IP address and become anonymous from tracking.

However, there are several free VPN software out there. Of course, you can also drive for a paid VPN service. And, if security is not your concern, a proxy is ready to go.

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