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Meditation is a buzzword to relax, live stress-free, and be happy. So you might think that all yoga instructors will be able to lead the meditation. But yoga asana and meditation are two different practices that require other skills.

Although the spiritual practices of yoga and meditation overlap, today’s world of certifications, training, and insurance require more of those who want to teach either approach.

For those who want to become meditation teachers, it must be more than just a fad. Like any teacher, one must begin with a passion for service to others.

How to become a Meditation Teacher

To become a meditation teacher, you must first meditate regularly.

Many people decide they want to teach meditation because they have experienced the benefits of meditation and want to share it with others.

Meditation has traditionally involved sadhana, a disciplined spiritual practice that you practice no matter what. It is because Sadhana becomes so much a part of who you are that if you don’t practice it every day, you feel like a part of you is missing.

Associated with sadhana is the idea of ​​service or seva. Through selfless service as a spiritual practice, your mind loses its selfishness and begins to accept the divinity in all things.

Yoga and meditation teachers will be the first to say that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. While yoga is the most popular growing fitness activity and meditation is becoming popular even in secular settings, it is simply not a lucrative career path.

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