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Fresh Food as Medicine Write For Us

Fresh Food as Medicine Write For Us

Fresh Food as Medicine Write For UsInflation makes it difficult for consumers to look beyond price. However, fresh food manufacturers and retailers may find an advantage in connecting consumers with healthy choices.

Shopping stress is rising again, not because of COVID-19 but because of higher food prices. Inflation affects almost everything for consumers, from where they shop to what they buy. And that, in turn, affects the revenue and profitability of the food industry, which is struggling to adapt. But for fresh food producers and grocers looking to compete on more than just price, there may be a bright spot: the continued demand for health and wellness.

While price overwhelms the importance of other purchase factors, 84% of consumers still consider health and well-being when purchasing fresh food (methodology). Furthermore, three out of four are seeking more personalized nutrition, representing a year-on-year increase of 13 percentage points. Additionally, 55% of consumers say they are willing to pay a premium for the right foods because they contribute to their health and well-being.

Saying that health and wellness are essential is one thing. Another thing is using food to prevent and treat specific health needs. Information, access, and ease of use are currently the barriers that the food industry should address.

Fortunately, food manufacturers and retailers may have an opportunity to help consumers overcome these barriers while improving the top and bottom lines. For example, many consumers say they trust their grocer and would be willing to share some of their medical data and use technology for personalized nutrition.

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