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Professional Hair Clipper – Choosing the Best Professional Hair Clippers

Best Professional Hair Clipper

A professional hair clipper is a good, durable, and professional equipment used by a barber, hairdresser, hairstylist when they cut other people’s hair.

Let’s go over the criteria to consider when choosing a mower. A good mower is not necessarily a big mower.

Above all, a mower for professional use must adapt to your uses (finish, gradient, lengths, styles, etc.).

Choosing a professional hair clipper

1. Mains or Rechargeable

  • As far as the design of your clipper is concerned since you will be able to use this mower for many hours.
  • The clipper body should fit comfortably in the palm of your hand, be light and handy.
  • Wired or wireless, the two are equal, and each has exciting advantages: wired, you are sure to connect customers without interruption if the battery is flat.
  • But you are dependent on the length of the thread, which can get in the way. Wireless, you can set up your living room as you wish, without the constraints of being near a power outlet.

2. Engine Power

  • Blade speed: Professional clippers have an adjustable blade movement speed.
  • The higher the speed, the more accurate the cut will be, perfect for finishes that only a pro can do.

3. Quality of Cutting Blades

  • The size of the blades: It is essential to choose a clipper complete with all of its accessories, especially clogs of all sizes available.
  • Since manufacturers all have their scale of sizes (mm, in, etc.), a customer may have an idea in mind, and you should be able to suggest the extent they are looking for.
  • The comb should be made of hard plastic to keep its shape when going through the thickest and most dense hair.

The Best Professional Hair Clippers

1. Panasonic Professional Linear Motor Trimmer with X-Taper Blade – ER-1611 K

  • 45 ° cutting angle: allows obtaining a perfect and precise cut on dry hair.
  • Innovative linear motor for constant force regardless of the load state of the X-Taper carbon fibre blade covered with titanium for an ultra-precise cut.

2. Philips Norelco Multigroom Trimmer Kit

  • A double cut and a stainless steel blade equal a precise cut each time. And don’t be overwhelmed by the numeral of accessories (23!):
  • This trimmer is meant to be the answer to all your hair-cutting woes.
  • It can be used almost anywhere, don’t forget to use the proper protections.

Philips Norelco Multigroom Trimmer Kit

3. Wide Detailer Trimmer

  1. It’s a Professional rotary motor for increased durability.
  2. High precision blade WAHL T-Blade
  3. It’s Lightweight and tiny, suitable for small hands.

4. Hair on Infinity Trimmer

  • Its Ultra-powerful Hair On Infinity trimmer, equipped with an exact 33mm wide blade for a perfect finish.
  • Ergonomic shape for easy handling. It has a High-performance battery that allows a triple working time.

5. Andis Master Cordless Clipper

  • Clipper Andis master Li-ion Cordless – CL-12470 The classic performance you expect from Master, now with wireless freedom and convenience.
  • The lithium-ion battery offers more than 90 minutes of uninterrupted autonomy; it recharges in just 1 hour.
  • Potent and high-speed rotary motor with blade speed over 7,200 SPM, featuring constant speed technology; it does not drag and does not stop.
  • It covers Lightweight, shatterproof aluminium for a year of reliable use. The carbon steel blade is badjustable from fine to coarse (000 to 1).
  • Corded / wireless operation includes an LED light to indicate battery charge levels.

6. Surker Cordless Hair Clipper

  • While the pop of shade is undoubtedly more attractive than your traditional black, we love this tool for its long-lasting rechargeable battery and carbon steel blade.
  • Critics also report that it does its job silently – no loud hums here.

7. Hair clipper on Master 400 Black

  • Master Professional Hair clipper black with stainless steel head and ceramic cup.
  • It ensures efficient and high precision cutting.
  • The soft-touch handle makes this lawn mower particularly practical and ergonomic. It is a sturdy and durable lawnmower.

8. Wahl Lithium Ion All-In-One Multi-Groomer and Trimmer

  • A powerful battery and a lightweight feel make this mower a great choice.
  • Critics appreciate the versatility of the size of the guards and the sharpness of the blade.
  • And with just over three hours of battery life, you can spend your time perfecting your look.

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