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Stockings – Reason of woman wearing stockings, The Best Women Wear Stockings


Stockings have a solid reputation for being incredibly sensual and perfect for the boudoir. But that isn’t giving them the credit they deserve.

Stockings are inevitably one of the first things that we consider when preparing any outfit that could be regarded as ‘sensual’ for a night out or even a night in.

But in reality, many women wear them for so much more than this.

Reasons of women wearing stockings

1. Hygienic

  • Having a breathable form of hosiery means things don’t get quite so hot. In some areas, more excellent is better.

2. Cost

  • Although all of our stockings are from luxury ranges, you can see socks as more economical than tights.
  • If you snag or ladder one leg, then you don’t have to throw away both legs. For long-term stockings wearers, this saving mounts up.

3. Vintage look

  • With everything in the fashion world going around and around, we have several customers who like the vintage look that seamed stockings, in particular, give them.
  • We even supply the wardrobe departments of film studios worldwide when they create films centred around the 1940s-1960s.

4. Good-looking legs

  • While also applicable to hold-ups and tights, if you never wear a sock, you may be surprised how good your legs can look when wearing stockings.
  • You can be specific on the look you want to achieve – from invisible but smooth to shiny and seamed – and even opaques.

5. Tummy trimming

  • The suspender belt required to hold up your stockings has a beautiful side effect in that it has a certain amount of body control.
  • The waistband sits on your waist, and if your chosen one is of good depth, you get instant tummy flattening.

The Best Women Wear Stockings

1. Fatal 15 tights

  • Seamless and invisible: These sheer tights are like a second skin without seams on the legs, thanks to their high degree of elasticity.
  • The wide belt provides a perfect fit on the stomach or waist.
  • If desired, you can wear it on the hips or at the waist – the pressure in the abdomen can vary, which means they are comfortable even for pregnant women.
  • Loose fit, perfect fit, stitched waistband, reinforced toes for durability, an essential piece of clothing for tight styles.

2. Laetitia Tights

  • The opaque, sheer knitting, polka dots, Matte tights are featuring a pattern of sewn-in polka dots.
  • 20 den / Matte finish / Opaque sheer look / Block-colored panty section / Soft waistband

Stockings (1)

3. Dreamgirl Women’s Sheer Thigh-High Stockings with Silicone Lace Top

  • Sheer thigh-high stocking with silicone lace contrast.
  • Silicone band around the lace top hugs the thigh, so the stocking stays up. Recommend to wear with garters but can be worn by itself.
  • The model is 5’9″ and is wearing one size that fits up to 160 lbs. Thong not included.
    85% Nylon/15% Spandex / Imported / Hand wash

4. Rose and Dot 40 Denier Tulle Stay-up Stockings

  • Tulle 40 denier stay-up stockings in rose and dot pattern with floral lace silicone ruffle and bow applique.

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5. L’eggs Women’s Extended Size Everyday Knee High 8pk Pantyhose

  1. Sizing: Women’s
  2. Material: 100% Nylon
  3. Sheerness: Slightly Sheer
  4. Height Type: Knee-High
  5. Pattern: Solid, No Pattern Applied
  6. Features: No Control Top, Elastic at Leg Opening, Closed Toe, Full Waistband Elastic

6. CALZITALY 4 Pairs of Fishnet Socks

  • Pack of 4 pairs of women’s fishnet socks made with soft, resistant, and high-quality materials.
  • The assortment consists of two pairs of white and two black socks with a slight fishnet texture.
  • Two silver lurex stripes decorate the cuffs of a white and a black pair, a particular detail that makes these socks unique and able to give brilliance to any look.
  • They are the perfect socks to wear with any shoe, thanks to the smooth microfiber insole for maximum comfort throughout the day, with reinforced tips.

Stockings (3)

7. CALZITALY Tights With Insole | Insole With Pad | Relaxing Tights For High Heels

  • The calzitaly resting collection: Sheer 10 den women’s tights made of Lycra with soft precious yarn through the 3D manufacturing process.
  • Tights with a relaxing effect give relief to your legs for the whole day.
  • The Insole with Cushion on the plant helps cushion the weight and makes these tights ideal for those who wear heels for a long time.
  • With the Cotton Gusset, Flat Seams, and Reinforced Toes to combine comfort and strength.

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