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NBA 2K22 Beginner’s Guide: Best Tips and Tricks for Newcomers

Suppose you are going to start enjoying the new installment of the basketball franchise par excellence. We have prepared this little guide to NBA 2K22 for beginners, with several valuable tips and tricks on taking the game and its different modes, what elements you should take into account to start, and more.

As in all sports games, it will depend a lot on your previous experience in the franchise, what you are looking for and what you like more or less, but we hope that the following information may be helpful.

Take It Easy

NBA 2K22 is, at launch, a much slower-paced game than NBA 2K21 due to the way the game handles stamina loss. If you played last year, you are probably used to dribbling moves or using quick, athletic players to get on the counter and cut through defenses.

In NBA 2K22, if you hold down the sprint button or use a lot of dribbling moves, your stamina will plummet. It wasn’t such a big problem last year because you could still shoot well when tired. In 2K22, your shot meter will decrease as you lose stamina, and your throw will slow down. It makes shots harder to hit and gives your opponent more leeway to defend them.

Therefore, our advice is to play more slowly. With the stamina, the shooting is a bit easier this year. Please take advantage of it by playing a little more conservatively.

Abuse the Choice and Roll against the CPU

If you’re an offline gamer, a great tip is to take advantage of Visual Concepts’ changes in advocating for AI support. Before, defenders crashed into you after a pick and left their man wide open. It made it much easier to score three points.

In NBA 2K22, those defenders don’t seem to clash as much, allowing you to play a pick-and-roll that looks more like an actual NBA game. Now it’s about reading the defense and making the right decision. If you ask your center to make a pick and his man trades you, pass it on to the big man and let him work against a smaller defender. If they don’t change, you will have an open lane. He reaches the basket and tries to score or remain fouled.

To initiate a pick-and-roll, hold L1 on PlayStation or LB on Xbox while pointing at the player you poverty to bring in for the pick. The key is to be patient. If you don’t get the change and see a space, don’t force it. Please try again. Remember that it is better to play smart and slow.

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Choose a game mode

It goes for players who want to dive into NBA 2K22 this year. Whether you need to play MyTeam, MyCareer, or MyNBA, you probably have to make a choice and stick with it. That doesn’t mean you can’t try the other modes, but all three have a season pass with content to unlock. It seems a little easier to finish the access than last year, but you may not get all the rewards if you spread out too much.

That remains said, if you are a casual gamer, don’t worry. All three modes have a lot to do, and going from one to the other is not a problem unless you want to compete with other players.

Keep offline for now

If you’re already a high-end gamer, skip this tip. You probably already can compete online. However, for newer players (or those who need to freshen up), playing offline modes like Triple Threat Offline and Domination will do two beneficial things.

First of all, you should practice. Cheats that work against the CPU won’t work against human players, but you will score and learn your firing time, which is vital. The second and maximum important thing is that you are building your team with great players through rewards. Going in with a starting team and trying to compete in Triple Threat Online or Unlimited is difficult. If you want to jump straight online, consider trying the new Draft mode or going into Limited, where other players’ rosters will have a score cap.

Choose Trae Young as the owner of your Team

Quite simply, Trae Young is by far the best Team starter this year, especially if you follow our latest advice and start playing offline. The man begins as a low-key PG but quickly becomes a deadly shooter with remarkable speed for the opening game.

Once you fully evolve into Trae Young, you can collect another Starter. You can save doing this until you have all five. We picked Jayson Tatum as our second starting player to work with, but your pick may vary based on how many players you get as you work through Young’s evolution. In the end, you will have all five headlines.

Use a build that suits your style

If you search the Internet, you will surely see several lists of the best builds. These lists are great, but you should think about the player you want to play with and make it that way. Unless you want to compete with the best players in town, you won’t have a problem with the build you choose.

We like to play a tough defense (blocks seem to be a bit too strong this year), organize our teammates, and try to score three when the defense sinks. That might not be for you, so play around with the editor and find something you like. With this method, you will have much more fun.

Increase the minutes of play to have more time

One of the problems that many players have when starting is that they cannot see the court far enough to achieve a teammate rating of “B” or higher. Since you start with such a low valuation (unless you spend real money), you’re only going to have limited minutes.

It is a way around it, which gives you more opportunities to accumulate statistics. Go to your settings and look for the option for the duration of the rooms. Set it to 10 or 12 minutes, and you’ll have more time on the court. It will help you get a vast CV boost so that you can improve your player even faster.

What is NBA 2K22 MT?

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