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10 Easy Techniques To Get The Best Vape Deals Online

Best Vape Deals Online

The online vape market is a vast one, with hundreds of options at hand. There are several types of vaping products like e-cigarettes, mods, vape pens, etc., that you can find online.

However, getting good-quality vapes at a reasonable price seems rare. That is because there are always cheap alternatives for vapes. However, in terms of quality, they fail to impress us. The aim, thus, is not just to get a vape at a low price. It is to buy a good quality product but at a reasonable rate.

For that, we have stormed through several websites selling vapes online. With all the research, we have developed some techniques that can help you find vape deals. These will help you cut the cost while buying superior-quality vapes. To choose a vape, you will not regret buying; know the purpose. So, let us first see the types of vape available in the market to see what is better for you.

What type of vape to choose for your needs?

Vaping devices have seen tremendous progress in the past few years. Broadly, one may categorize vapes into four types.

  • Cig-a-like
  • Vape Pens
  • Mods
  • Pod Mods

Types of vapes, cig-a-like through pod mods have new features as compared to the previous versions. They are named generation-wise because of the technology that they carry.

Nowadays, variable voltage, temperature settings, etc., are some fantastic features introduced in vapes. The vapes contain in-built circuits and even a small screen to display all the information. You may even find some fancy products with more features like airflow control and various protection technology.

So basically, vapes have featured both from a safety and personalization perspective. However, as one would expect, you will have to stretch your budget to enjoy advanced features.


Thus, you need to understand the types of vapes available, study their features, and decide on a budget. Then you can look for something in that price range, offering your desired features.

It is always better if you have first-hand information about what you are buying. Nevertheless, to make it easier for you, we have gathered a set of 10 techniques. These techniques will help you in locking some of the best deals in the online vape market.

So, check them out below!

What type of vape to choose for your needs?

Techniques to find vape deals

  • Always check for discount codes and coupons. Yes, that is something we all do. Nevertheless, sometimes, we still miss out on deals. You do not just have to look at the available offers. However, also check all the deals that the website is providing. Sometimes, there are excellent deals when you buy more than two products.

In this way, you can get better deals while stocking up for yourself.

  • Buy in Bulk. That will help you in two ways. Firstly, you can avail of combo offers and discounts on the websites. Secondly, delivery charges, taxes, and other charges can be split up between you and your friends.
  • Buy refillable vapes instead of disposable ones. If you vape regularly, this is very crucial. Buying disposable vapes may look affordable then, but in the long run, it is not. Consider your first vape purchase as an investment and choose something reusable. Also, the quality and features are better in those vapes.
  • Find an affordable e-juice. The e-juice that you fill in your vape can make vaping more expensive for you. Usually, we only focus on the price of the vape. However, e-juices are costly too. The best bet would be to buy e-juice during sales, in bulk. That will save you the trouble of ordering it repeatedly, bearing all the shipping and tax money.
  • Look for websites providing free shipping. Free shipping is usually available once your cart value reaches a minimum amount. For some websites, it is usually $99 or more.

Nevertheless, some excellent websites also offer free deliveries once in a while. Alternatively, the minimum cart value for free delivery is lesser. So, if you have checked all other factors for quality, you can get a steal deal from that website.

  • Now, this technique is fit for frequent buyers. Register for customer loyalty programs or premium memberships. You may find such options mostly on reputable websites and well-known brands.

The minimal subscription to their clubs can save you much money on multiple purchases. We would recommend websites that have not just vapes but other related products too. No one would keep buying vapes that frequently. Hence, it is preferable to have products of your interest as options for more shopping!

  • Go for pocket-size products. Choosing vape in the right size and shape can be more important than you think. You must be able to make enough use of your vape compared to the money you are paying.

You should be able to carry it wherever you need, without the size coming in your way. You do not want to spend more money on smaller, cheaper vapes every time you want to have a session somewhere outdoors. In terms of ease of storage too, a pocket-size vape would be way more convenient.

  • Choose what suits you best. Nothing can be worse than buying something you do not even need. As we mentioned earlier, not all features will be salient for everyone.

Moreover, the price varies majorly because of the features. So, try to avoid complex and super-advanced vapes if you are not looking for anything too fancy. That would be an effective technique of cost-cutting.

  • Buy multiple e-cigarettes together. Cig-a-likes are considered even more affordable than smoking a pack of e-cigarettes every day. That is, especially if you buy replacement cartridges in bulk. You will have to move away from certain features. Nevertheless, for the savings, this technique is a good one.
  • Pick vapes with high nicotine strength e-juice. That will require lesser usage of the e-juice because the nicotine strength will fulfill your needs in less product. Due to that, you will need to replace your vape’s coil fewer times. Thus, you will again have to spend way less to enjoy your vaping sessions.

Parting words

So, these were some of the best techniques you can apply to find vape deals.

You can refer to these points after your purchase too. These tiny points can save you more money than you think.

Conclusively, your vaping experience can be fabulous without spending a fortune. You only need to adopt some tiny tricks!

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